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Melanie De Nysschen Bravura

Mandatory rotation of auditors too late to prevent KPMG scandal

The KPMG fall-out after the Gupta-related entity audits and the South African Revenue Service (SARS) “rogue unit” report must be the biggest scandal so far in the South African audit profession.  On 15 September 2017 KPMG CEO Trevor Hoole, chief operating officer Steven Louw, chairperson Ahmed Jaffer and five senior executives resigned “in the best […]

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Paul Bosman, Fund manager, PSG Asset Management

Avoiding value traps when investing

When investing for the long run, it’s important to find undervalued securities that have enough potential to earn long-term capital returns. But there’s one inherent danger: the risk of investing in a company that is cheap for good reason – a ‘value trap’. (more…)

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Ben Bierman, MD of Business Partners Limited

SA’s growth engines feeling the weight of economic strain

Business confidence indicators plummeted further in the second quarter of this year as the South African macroeconomic environment remained dire, resulting in increased pressure on small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and their ability to deliver as one of South Africa’s leading growth engines. (more…)

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Sukumar Rajah

Opportunities continue to be found in global markets

While South Africa is now in a technical recession, global growth appears to be steady, so it’s little wonder that local investors are continuing to invest offshore. MoneyMarketing spoke to Sukumar Rajah, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer – Asian Equity, Local Asset Management at Franklin Templeton Investments. Are global markets seen as expensive right now? […]

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Hollard discusses the pitfalls of underinsurance

How to avoid underinsurance

Your home is likely to be your most substantial financial investment. It’s also the absolute cornerstone of your lifestyle and family – it’s your security, your happy place, your stability, your castle. That’s why insuring it correctly is so important.  (more…)

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Eunice Sibiya_FNB Consumer Education

Five tips to save during tough times

Challenging economic conditions often come with a lot of uncertainties, and consumers will find themselves hard-pressed, but it’s still important to make room for saving and continue practicing prudent financial habits. (more…)

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Sonja Visser, CEO of African Unity Life

How to choose the right funeral plan

One of SA’s registered insurers says that it is important that the industry does what it can to ensure that funeral plans are exactly what they should be – safe and reliable. (more…)

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Channel Head at FNB Financial Advisory, Ester Ochse

5 Habits that stop you from building your savings

The extent to which a person is able to save depends largely on their attitude towards money and not how much they earn. (more…)

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