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Motshabi Nomvethe HR

Low confidence in education system meeting NDP goals

One of the goals stated in the National Development Plan (NDP) is for 90% of grades 3, 6 and 9 learners to achieve 50% or more in annual national assessments for literacy, mathematics and science by 2030. When asked whether they feel this goal is realistic, only 26% of South African graduate professionals said yes. […]

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Dash camera in car installed on the window

Should dash cams play a bigger role in the short-term insurance industry?

Transport Minister Joe Maswanganyi released road death statistics showing a 51% increase in fatalities during the 2017 Easter period – raising concern for safe driving on the roads. The role of dash cams (or car dashboard cameras) in helping motorists with responsible driving has been much debated around the world. Social media is littered with […]

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Accommodation options for retirees

Shortage of retirement accommodation in South Africa

There’s an added element of retirement planning that perhaps does not receive the attention it should.  It relates to the choices about the roof over one’s head when one becomes a senior citizen. (more…)

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Ithala ‘ready to become a state bank’

Ithala is ripe and ready to become a state bank, says CEO Peter Ireland. (more…)

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Is your Internet browser really secure?

When browsing the internet, users typically come across a ‘secure pop-up’ on most internet browsers. However, this does not always mean that the browser is 100% safe and as a result, Internet users may face an increased risk to various potential threats, such as privacy concerns, cyber stalking and identity theft, to name but a […]

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Europ Assistance on potholes and tyre damage

City of Johannesburg lauded for ‘declaring war’ on potholes

Herman Mashaba, mayor of Johannesburg, recently revealed his plans to alleviate the city’s pothole problem by awarding R88 million to address the pothole repair backlog across the city. The Johannesburg Road Agency has also launched a new mobile app called Find & Fix, to allow citizens to quickly and easily report road related defects like […]

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How to get into the buy-to-rent market

A low growth economy and a rising cost of living has given property investors pause for thought. However, there is still money to made for the astute investor in the buy-to-rent market, says Gary Palmer, CEO of Paragon Lending Solutions. (more…)

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Macron to fight yet another battle

European stock markets responded to Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the French presidential elections with only moderate enthusiasm – and no relief rally. Perhaps one can assume that his win had already been factored in.  Or maybe it’s because the markets are waiting for France’s parliamentary elections next month. (more…)

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