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Sherwin Govender

You either sleep well or you eat well

By Sherwin Govender, Business Development Manager at Glacier by Sanlam. It’s perfectly natural for clients to feel nervous about their investments, given the low-return environment over the past few years, and even more so when the client is nearing retirement. (more…)

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Kick-starting entrepreneurial dreams from as little as R300

Thanks to the wonders of app technology, a sideline business that takes both little time and money can be created in less than 10 minutes. With startup capital of as little as R300, those with an entrepreneurial spirit can expand their revenue streams and kick-start a side hustle by investing in Fedgroup’s Impact Farming. This […]

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Tarina Vlok

Women in SA dress for success, but do they insure for the worst?

These days, buying a car or getting a new laptop without getting adequate insurance is regarded to be financially irresponsible. Yet, many South African women walk around on a daily basis wearing the finest quality weaves, dressed head-to-toe in designer apparel, and carrying one of their many luxury handbags – items that are all commonly […]

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Ian Middleton

Masthead Masterclass helps advisors prepare for the future

Independent financial advisors (IFAs) need to be fully committed to their businesses and not just involved, if they want to succeed in the increasingly regulated environment of the future, Ian Middleton, MD of Masthead, told more than 1 000 IFAs at the recent Masthead Masterclass held in 11 venues across South Africa. (more…)

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It’s a buyers’ market for house sales

What banks consider when assessing a home loan application

Most often, consumers rely on real estate agents or third parties to assist them with home loan applications. This results in them not fully understanding what banks consider when approving or declining an application. (more…)

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Tightening up on the offshore trust rules

By Ernest Mazansky, Head of Tax Practice, Werksmans Attorneys. (more…)

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Why women need to save more for retirement than men do

By Fran Troskie, Investment Research Analyst, RisCura. Women, on average, live five years longer than men. This means their retirement savings need to last them – on average – five years longer. It’s an important message that doesn’t seem to have hit home yet: women need to save more for retirement than men do. And, […]

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