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Should you consider a testamentary trust?

The introduction of tax on interest-free loans to trusts has seen inter vivos trusts fall out of favour with a shift towards using testamentary trusts instead, according to Willie Fourie, Head of Estate and Trust Services at PSG Wealth. (more…)

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Things to consider before jumping into global diversification

With the changes to Regulation 28, many retirement fund trustees are keen to increase their exposure to other markets. However, it is crucial that trustees have a granular understanding of their current exposure before making any decisions. (more…)

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Catering to current and future workforce needs

The face of South Africa’s workforce is changing. In 2013, 39% of employees who had employer-provided benefits with Momentum Corporate were millennials, but today – just five years later – millennials make up the majority (51%) of this member base. Yet few South African employers have adapted to the ever-shifting landscape, with many offering the […]

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Bertus Visser, Chief Executive of Distribution at PSG Insure

Avoid a chemical reaction: commercial insurance considerations you can’t ignore

AUTHOR: Bertus Visser, Chief Executive of Distribution, PSG Insure If you work with chemicals, you understand the associated risks. But are you aware of your insurer’s requirements to keep your business covered? (more…)

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Ian Matthews, Head of Business Development at Bravura

Woolworths’ Australian struggles overshadow good investment opportunities

David Jones continues to present problems for Woolworths; this time much closer to home. Last week, the company announced that it would be rebranding the David Jones clothing label under its own Classic Collection brand.  This is yet another setback that presents itself in what has been a series of unfortunate events for the company […]

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Damian McHugh, Head of Health Marketing at Momentum Group

Six ways to save on medical costs

According to Stats SA’s 2017 General Household Survey, only 17 out of every 100 South Africans have medical insurance, which is the key that opens the door to private healthcare. Across the globe, the cost of healthcare continues to drive consumers’ hands deeper into their pockets. Amidst tough economic times, however, medical aid plays an […]

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The downside of looking on the bright side of investment

Author: Simon Adler, Value Fund Manager, Schroders So how do you reckon your life is going to turn out over the coming years? Would you predict, for example, you are going to be better off in five years’ time, than you are today? (more…)

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How trustees can protect vulnerable members’ retirement savings

Given the volatile nature of local markets in recent years, smooth bonus funds have increased in popularity among cash-strapped South Africans seeking a more stable ride to retirement. This most likely shows that South Africans, especially those who are most vulnerable, are opting for all the protection from market volatility that they can get. (more…)

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