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No Last Will as the New Year kicks in? No way!

Dying without carefully preparing a Last Will and Testament that specifically outlines who should inherit your belongings, causes unnecessary distress at an already difficult time for your family and friends.  The absence of a Will also means that the law will decide who gets what, and how much. (more…)

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Facilitate the right choices today for financial wellness tomorrow

Partnering with the right umbrella fund can reduce the inherent conflict between saving for retirement and spending on more pressing day-to-day expenses. Katherine Barker, Head of Momentum FundsAtWork, says that this conflict, which inevitably impacts negatively on retirement outcomes, can be lessened by proactively encouraging certain pre-retirement behaviour. (more…)

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Ending 2017 on a financially high note

Alexander Forbes Financial Planning Consultant, Rita Cool, offers some important financial advice on how to see out 2017. (more…)

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David Crossley - BDO Wealth Advisers Practice Manager - on retirement reforms

Making a Sectional Title purchase: what you should be aware of

Buying a family home is an age-old way of generating wealth creation, however the foundation to wealth creation comes from making rational money decisions and buying such a home can easily be influenced by emotional bias. (more…)

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Christo Snyman, National Director of Forensic Services at Mazars.

Signs there’s a fraudster in your company

The typical South African company loses around 5% of its annual revenue to fraud. One of the main reasons for this is because predicting which employees are capable of committing major fraud against a company is more difficult than expected. (more…)

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LexisNexis: Financial Services Publications 2018

Make inspired decisions with the help of the latest range of Financial Services titles from LexisNexis. Updated for 2018, these latest releases offer the most comprehensive and up-to-date content, designed and formatted to provide easy access to all the information you need. (more…)

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Kezia Talbot, Legal Adviser, BDO Wealth Advisers

Dealing with crypto-currencies in estate planning

With the rise in popularity of crypto-currencies, and more particularly, Bitcoin, the question which isn’t immediately thought of by investors is: how do crypto-currencies fit into your estate plan and have you accounted for them? (more…)

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Natural catastrophes need more sophisticated risk engineering programmes

South Africa has experienced a spate of natural catastrophes in recent years. These have ranged from tornados, flash floods, freak hailstorms, droughts and fires, with the last five years in particular racking up billions of rand in damages and insurance claims. As a result risk managers and insurers are under increasing pressure to scrutinise and revise […]

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