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Surviving the digital giants

AUTHOR: Peter Armitage, CEO, Anchor Capital Few would deny the benefits of the industrial revolution — increased productivity brought with it rising household income and innovation-enhanced quality of life. But the disruption, displacement and dispossession it entailed meant that, at the time, many would have struggled to recognise its good. So too with the digital […]

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What to do with your year-end bonus

AUTHOR: By Mark Hawes, Alexander Forbes Financial Planning Consultant You’ve worked hard and earned that bonus, but now the internal dialogue between the head and the heart starts. (more…)

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SA’s senior executives eyeing international opportunities

Over the past three years, there has been a consistent year-on-year increase in the number of professionals who would consider leaving the country. This year, an unprecedented 86% of top South African executives polled for a leading annual survey indicated that they would take seriously an offer to move abroad. (more…)

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The need for trade credit insurance magnifies in tough economies

Customisable solutions in trade credit insurance can greatly aid companies in managing their credit and counterparty exposure while also supporting growth in new markets or with existing clients.  Many companies are also entering new markets and extending their supply chains across multiple regions, all of which further increases the need to protect themselves from risks involving […]

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After tax returns

Does tax really matter when making investment decisions?

Tax rates have been rising for several years now. Personal tax rates have gone up, and even structures such as trusts and companies are now heavily taxed in their own right. (more…)

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Victor Crouser, Coastal head of Healthcare for Alexander Forbes

Attributes of a good healthcare adviser

AUTHOR: Victor Crouser, Coastal head of Healthcare for Alexander Forbes Most medical schemes announce their changes for the following calendar year from September onwards. The changes normally come into effect on 1 January and towards the end of the year is when members must re-evaluate their cover and determine if they are on the most […]

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Magcino Gule, Senior Manager for Travelsure at Old Mutual Insure.

Why travel insurance should be a top priority this festive season

For some, the end-of-year holiday season is the perfect time to escape on a well-deserved holiday to a destination abroad. However, many people who travel overseas are still not taking the appropriate measures to manage their risks when travelling to a foreign country. (more…)

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Bertus Visser, PSG Insure

Insurance issues to keep in mind when moving house

Moving from one home to another can be a very stressful time involving plenty of admin and heavy lifting, decisions, packing, unpacking; the list goes on. “But there is one way to remove a little stress, and that is to make sure your goods are sufficiently insured while you are moving,” says Bertus Visser, Chief […]

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