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Will proposed medical schemes amendments benefit members?

In the wake of reports about Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi’s proposals for ushering in a new set of rules for how medical schemes operate, how are these changes likely to affect the industry and South African private healthcare consumers? (more…)

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Five steps to being investment-savvy newlyweds

Typical millennial couples seem to prefer receiving cash in place of tangible wedding presents. While agreeing that this makes sense, Lisa Airey, Strategy Analyst at Old Mutual Unit Trusts, urges millennial newlyweds to consider investing their monetary contributions into building a financially secure future together.  (more…)

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Discrediting some of the myths about disability cover

A client’s biggest asset is their ability to earn an income. However, not everyone seems to be equally convinced of the importance of protecting this asset. This is echoed by the Association for Savings and Investments in South Africa (ASISA) which reported a total disability gap of about R16 trillion. (more…)

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Channel Head at FNB Financial Advisory, Ester Ochse

Tips for managing an inheritance

An inheritance can be a great financial bonus; but if not managed correctly will also pose a few challenges. Receiving a windfall is great and the urge to just spend it quickly is quite tempting. (more…)

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What should trustees look for when choosing a retirement solution?

As the obligations for trustees to select the most appropriate retirement solution for their members grows more onerous, it is crucial to weigh up the long-term impact for total fees along with other important features to assess a good retirement solution. (more…)

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Rob Formby, chief operating officer designate, Allan Gray

Are you playing it too safe to reach your retirement goals?

A report released this month in the US revealed that investors are playing it too safe to achieve their retirement savings goals. The report interviewed more than 1000 investors between the ages of 50 to 75, and found that of those surveyed, 80% prioritised discussing risk tolerance. (more…)

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How to make better investment decisions

Much research has been undertaken regarding the biases which people have when making investment (and other) decisions. It’s important to know and understand them in order to avoid them – and the mistakes they engender – when making your own decisions. (more…)

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Almost half of SMEs will buy insurance online within five years – report

A growing number of small businesses say they are looking to interact with their insurers online, with 36% saying they will buy online in the near term, and 48% within five years. (more…)

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