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Lee Bromfield

You’re never too young to get life insurance

If you are employed and have people who rely on you financially having life cover is essential regardless of your age. (more…)

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Pierre Swart1

Impact of surprise interest rate cut

In a move that surprised many economists, the South African Reserve Bank announced a cut in the repo rate from 7% to 6.75% last week. (more…)

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Rising demand for international residency and citizenship

Pam Golding Properties’ International Division has partnered with global investment-migration firm Henley & Partners to provide buyers seeking international property assets with a view to acquiring dual residence or citizenship, an end-to-end service. (more…)

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Insurance considerations for owning a drone

Drones, formally known as unmanned aerial vehicles or remotely piloted aircraft systems, have gained significant commercial momentum over the past few years. While these aerial vehicles come at an expensive price, many people now buy one as a toy or it forms part of a hobby. People who own a drone need to ensure that […]

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Hilary Dudley1

Where there’s a Will……

My late father used to recount the proverb “Where there’s a will…” not with the time-worn ending “there’s a way” but with the more jaded version “there’s a fight”. (more…)

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Aon South Africa discusses SASREA

What you need to know about event liability cover

The advent of the Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act (SASREA) firmly places the responsibility on all parties involved to ensure safety at events.  According to Steve Levitt of insurance brokerage and risk consultants, Aon South Africa, the distinction between who is responsible is blurred and he believes that all parties should have their own […]

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Roy Wright1

Cutting insurance in tough times will never justify recovery costs

In tough economic climates – such as the recession South Africa finds itself in at the moment – households and small business owners may be tempted to reduce their short-term insurance, but the short-term savings may not justify the long-term cost of recovery in the event of a natural disaster.  (more…)

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Omega Collocott, Sector Head for Financial Institution Ratings at GCR

Investment to improve lives of women in Africa is critical

In recent years, Africa has been an area of focus for investment in infrastructure development, trade, and financial inclusion (partly through Fintech and the financing of SMEs). However, environmental and ‘gender lens’ investing (which targets women-led businesses and initiatives) are gaining traction, particularly in the development finance community. (more…)

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