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Mergers & acquisitions activity declines in SA in first half of 2018

Merger & Acquisition (M&A) transactions in South Africa declined in terms of both the volume and value of domestic and cross-border deals, according to analysis by Baker McKenzie of Thomson Reuters  M&A data for South Africa. Transactions fell by 44% and 52% in terms of volume and value, respectively, in the first half of 2018 […]

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Ian Matthews, Head of Business Development at Bravura

Protection of Investment Act may deter foreign investment even further

President Cyril Ramaphosa activated the controversial Protection of Investment Act, by publication of a notice in the Government Gazette, on Friday 13 July. The Act was signed into law by former President Jacob Zuma in 2015, and foreign investors were waiting on tenterhooks as to the commencement date of the law. The law was controversial […]

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The right umbrella fund helps employees to make smart decisions

Saving through their employer’s retirement fund is often the only form of savings many South Africans have. With July marking National Savings Month, Katherine Barker, Head of Momentum FundsAtWork, says it’s the perfect time for employers and their financial advisers to ask some hard questions about how their retirement fund can help employees make smart […]

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50 Business Classics – Your shortcut to the most important ideas on innovation, management and strategy By Tom Butler-Bowdon

What do great enterprises have in common? What sort of person leads them? This book answers these and other questions. (more…)

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Determining your appetite for risk

As investors continue to be buffeted by uncertainties in the market, the importance of an appropriate, disciplined and strategic investment strategy is increasingly evident. Emotions are among an investor’s biggest enemies, particularly when faced with challenging and unpredictable events. (more…)

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Electricity and your home

Homeowners are at risk of having their insurance claims rejected if it is found that they are not in possession of a valid Electrical Certificate of Compliance (ECOC) for their property. (more…)

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Facilitate the right choices today for better retirement outcomes tomorrow

Partnering with the right umbrella fund can reduce the inherent conflict between saving for retirement and spending on more pressing day-to-day expenses. Katherine Barker, Head of Momentum FundsAtWork, says that this conflict, which inevitably impacts negatively on retirement outcomes, can be lessened by proactively encouraging certain pre-retirement behaviour. (more…)

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Millennials face a demonstrable insurance gap of R15 trillion

South Africa’s young adults could bridge the growing life and disability insurance gap by diverting a fraction of their monthly lifestyle expenditure to financial services products. According to Gareth Friedlander, Head of Research and Development at Discovery Life, it would take as little as 4.6% of the average millennial’s salary to revolutionise the insurance coverage […]

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