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Johannes du Plessis, Legal Advisor at RBS

Dash cam footage one of top risk management tools

Not only can dash cam footage help vehicle owners avoid being held liable following an accident, but it can also assist individuals in recovering their damages, if uninsured, or excess payments after their insurance claim. That’s the word from Johannes du Plessis, Legal Advisor at RBS. (more…)

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JSE Rand Hedges a poor substitute for a global portfolio

With local news agendas being dominated by the rand’s dismal performance, recent GDP woes and an economy slipping into a technical recession – South African investors are increasingly seeking shelter via offshore exposure. But with easy access to foreign markets, investors need to seriously consider the implications of counting on locally listed rand-hedge stocks as […]

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Separate wills should be planned together

There is a growing trend of married or partnered couples to draft separate wills, as opposed to a joint will. Whilst this enshrines each party’s individual wishes, it may result in unintentional errors creeping into wills, leading to outcomes that the deceased had not intended.  (more…)

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Across Boundaries: A life in the media at a time of change, By Ton Vosloo

Ton Vosloo is one of South Africa’s most widely admired newspapermen and businessmen. Under his leadership, Naspers evolved from a print group into a media giant with investments across the world. In his memoir, Vosloo tells the story of his remarkable career, spanning fifty-nine fractious years – years that saw a great many changes in […]

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Insurance solutions for an emerging market economy

Underinsurance, high premiums, and insufficient contribution to the incremental development of local financial and intellectual capacity by reinsurers are but a few of the obstacles to emerging economies – and the short-term insurance sector in these markets. Insurers, however, can turn this around. (more…)

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PJ Veldhuizen, managing director of Gillan and Veldhuizen Incorporated

Knowing a few legal concepts can save you time and money

You are not alone if you’ve found yourself caught dumbfounded in the middle of legal-talk between attorneys, simply nodding your head in agreement, quietly hoping things are going your way. Attorneys (like poets) are notorious for losing clients in jargon, often steering clients into unnecessary legal situations. (more…)

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Duties of a trustee

The Trust Property Control Act No. 57 of 1988 (the Act) defines a trust as an arrangement through which ownership of a person’s assets is entrusted to the trustees or beneficiaries, with the trustees being tasked to administer these assets according to the trust instrument for the benefit of the beneficiaries. (The trust instrument is […]

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Off the Clock – Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done By Laura Vanderkam

Most of us feel constantly behind, unsure how to escape feeling oppressed by busyness. Unlike other time-management gurus, author Laura Vanderkam believes that in order to get more done, we must first feel like we have all the time in the world. (more…)

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