Born Trump – Inside America’s First Family By Emily Jane Fox

Born Trump – Inside America’s First Family
By Emily Jane Fox

To truly understand America’s forty-fifth president, Donald J Trump, author and Vanity Fair journalist Emily Jane Fox argues that you must know his children. Their own stories, she says, provide the key to unlocking what makes the president tick. 

Even before Trump’s oldest child, Don Jr., was born, Donald told friends that he wanted at least five children – just to make sure there was a greater probability one would turn out like him. His vision didn’t pan out exactly as he’d imagined, but Trump’s children each inherited some of his traits – as one source says, “collectively, they make the whole.”

Born Trump is Fox’s richly detailed look at Trump’s five children (and equally powerful son-in-law, Jared Kushner), exploring their lives, their roles in the administration, their relationships with their father and with one another.

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