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It’s a buyers’ market for house sales

How long does a home loan approval process take?

First time home buyers and owners who are eager to sell often wait in anticipation to get feedback from the bank on the status of a home loan application. Stanley Mabulu, Channel Management Head at FNB Home Loans says the amount of time it takes for a home loan application to be approved often depends […]

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Lizl Budhram

Football coach and financial adviser – they’ve got more in common than you think

Why you should look for solid mentorship skills in both. Like the best football coaches, a good financial adviser can guide you to achieve your goals. Behind every great achievement there’s a strong mentoring relationship. As the 2018 FIFA World Cup kicks off this week, the coaches of the world’s greatest teams will be on […]

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Lizl Budhram

Financial advisers have critical role to play in tough economic times

Petrol price hikes, electricity tariff increases and constant market volatility mean there’s a greater need for financial advisers who can guide customers through the noise and uncertainty to achieve their financial goals and dreams. Lizl Budhram, Head of Advice at Old Mutual Personal Finance, says financial advisers have a critical role to play in tough […]

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Passion investing won’t provide adequate portfolio diversification

Africa’s wealthy need to plan ahead to ensure their ‘passion investments’ stay in touch with their overall wealth ambitions and goals, says Philip Faure, Head of Cape Regions at Standard Bank Wealth and Investment. (more…)

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Paul Myeza, COO of OUTsurance Life

How to seriously mess up your funeral insurance

Funeral insurance is one of the simplest forms of insurance on the market in South Africa, yet it is possible to mess it up badly. And at a traumatic time like the death of a loved one, the fewer the surprises the better. Paul Myeza, Chief Operating Officer of OUTsurance Life with 23 years’ experience […]

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Become an FPSA® to comply with the new standard

If you are involved in trusts, wills and estates, or need to refer clients to a specialist, you need to know that there is a new professional designation which will soon become the de facto standard for fiduciary in South Africa. (more…)

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Top tips for first time home owners

Owning a house comes with certain responsibilities that first time home owners might not be fully aware of.  Doing your homework upfront is key to having the peace of mind that you can cope with the financial obligations of owning your own home, including related costs for maintenance, repairs, insurance, rates and taxes and so […]

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Mike Abbott, Director of Wealth at Sable International

The ESG Factor and sustainable investing

CEO’s of large corporates are constantly balancing the needs of various stakeholders be they shareholders, customers, staff etc. No stakeholder group has the power to effect immediate responses from a CEO like the global stock market. The long overdue push from shareholders for corporates to consider social, environmental and governance (ESG) factors is gathering ground. […]

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