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S&P downgrades SA to junk status

On April 3, 2017, S&P Global Ratings lowered the long-term foreign currency  sovereign credit rating on the Republic of South Africa to ‘BB+’ from ‘BBB-‘ and the long-term local currency rating to ‘BBB-‘ from ‘BBB’. (more…)

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Bracket creep hits low to middle income earners

The 2017 Budget had some surprises, especially for the wealthy, with steep increases in income tax and dividend withholding tax. But the silent tax increase is the one to worry about. (more…)

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Sharon Machutchon Tax Consultant at Mazars1

How Treasury plans to take the money you earned overseas

The latest plans to tax overseas income could negatively affect the careers of many South Africans, according to Sharon Machutchon, Tax Consultant at Mazars. (more…)

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Former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan

The confusion around dividend withholding tax

In the 2017 Budget Speech, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan announced an increase in the dividend withholding tax rate (DWT) from 15% to 20%, a measure which could have a far-reaching impact not only on the corporate community, but also on the South African economy. (more…)

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Unpacking the 2017 Budget Speech for your business

In the midst of a fluctuating rand and an economy in need of resurgence, Minister Pravin Gordhan provides a glimmer of hope to businesses against the backdrop of an already slow growth economy. FNB Business experts share their views on the Budget speech. (more…)

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Top Economics Students Honoured

Business and government leaders last night celebrated the brilliance and promise of South Africa’s young economics students – finalists of the annual Nedbank and Old Mutual Budget Speech Competition – at a dinner hosted by Nedbank and Old Mutual, with Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan as guest of honour. (more…)

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Budget 2017 – Joe Public to foot the bill for declining ANC support – Solidarity

Trade union Solidarity today, after the February Budget Speech, levelled strong criticism at the ANC government’s political promises – promises that now have to be funded to a greater extent by the tax payer in the national budget. (more…)

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Increase in Tax Free Investment Limit Applauded

The increase in the annual tax-free investment limits from R30 000 to R33 000 is a hugely positive development to encourage proactive saving amongst South Africans, says Nedgroup Investments. (more…)

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