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Arthur Camp of Sanlam Investments

Budget 2018: Beware of focusing on the symptoms

By Sanlam Investments Economist, Arthur Kamp. Despite years of tax hikes and expenditure cuts, the Budget deficit remains wide and the government’s debt ratio continues to rise. Fiscal consolidation has not worked. Why? (more…)

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Nazmeera Moola, co-Head of Fixed Income, Investec Asset Management

Budget preview: ‘Least bad’ option for SA is VAT hike

By Nazmeera Moola, co-Head of Fixed Income, Investec Asset Management. After the euphoria of President Ramaphosa’s SONA, the 2018 Budget speech due tomorrow will bring South Africa down to earth with a bit of a bump.  The President said that hard choices will be needed – but making hard choices in five days is a […]

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Agri SA’s Expectations for the 2018 Budget Speech

The tabling of the annual national budget speech has proven to be one of the most anticipated events in South Africa. Along with the positive changes that are currently taking place in the political landscape, the February 2018 budget speech is set to attract not only the attention of business and individuals inside the borders […]

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 Malusi Ndlovu

Budget to address reliance on state

This week the South African Finance Minister will outline the government’s top-level financial plan to tackle the country’s growing fiscal deficit. To avoid a further credit rating downgrade, and maintain the momentum created by a renewed sense of business confidence, the 2018 National Budget will need to explicitly outline how the state plans to strengthen […]

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Ruaan van Eeden

National Budget Speech 2018 – a difficult balancing act for Minister of Finance

By Ruaan van Eeden, Head of Tax and Exchange Control at the Geneva Management Group. The National Budget Speech on 21 February this year is likely to attract more interest than it has on many occasions previously. South Africans have become accustomed to a National Budget characterised by inevitable increases in the so-called ‘sin taxes’ […]

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David French, Tax Consulting Director at Mazars_preview

Treasury’s options for recovery are running out

Treasury will need to think outside the box this year if it is to make any meaningful difference to its current revenue shortfall, estimated to stand at around R50.8 billion. This is according to David French, Tax Consulting Director at Mazars, who says that, ahead of the 2018 Budget Speech, Treasury’s options to raise revenue […]

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Minister Malusi Gigaba

Budget 2018: Anticipated VAT shocks – another blow to an already bruised taxpayer

By Hermann Marais, associate, Tax practice at Bowmans. Potential VAT increases have been discussed for several years, despite being politically sensitive. The urgency for an increase in the VAT rate escalated towards the end of 2017 when Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba announced in the Medium Term Budget Policy Statement that there would be a ZAR 50.8 […]

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Budget 2018: Treasury faces biggest challenge yet

The National Treasury has never before had such a big challenge as it does this year in having to plug a seemingly continuously growing funding gap in its Budget vote later this month, from a shrinking pool of resources. It may be left with little choice but to squeeze the trusty ‘golden goose’ even further. […]

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