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Adriaan Pask, CIO at PSG Wealth

Is age 45 too late to start saving for retirement?

Author:  Adriaan Pask, Chief Investment Officer, PSG Wealth In its simplest form, saving for retirement depends on three factors: time, contributions and returns. If you lag behind in one area, you’ll have to pick up the slack elsewhere. Although you can shift your focus between these three factors, you cannot neglect any of them for […]

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How to thrive in the property investment arena

George Muchanya, Head of Corporate Finance at Growthpoint Properties, says the questions he is most often asked are: “Should I be invested in property at all?” – and if so, “should I invest in ‘bricks-and-mortar’ property or listed property shares?” (more…)

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Jeremy Lang, regional general manager at Business Partners Limited

SMEs severely impacted by load shedding

As Eskom rolls out load shedding, it is important to note that although the country is impacted as a whole, the implications for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can be critical. (more…)

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Bull & Bear Econonomic Trends Competing

The bears are at the door – and why we should embrace bear markets

By Paul Cluer, Managing Director at Foord Asset Management. One of the longest global bull markets in living memory wound down in 2018. What are bear markets and what do they mean for long-term investors? (more…)

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Reconciling the National Budget with your own

How the upcoming Budget Policy Statement can provide relief and what you can do to stay afloat.  High unemployment and rising fuel, electricity and water costs are just some of the reasons we’re having a tough time financially, says Kenosi Magosha, Head of Client Solutions Savings at Sanlam Personal Finance. Further to that, she cites […]

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Eric Streso

Eight questions you should be asking your financial planner

By Eric Streso, Certified Financial Planner. Mismanagement of money can be devastating to your current financial status and your future. Financial advisors offer investors a holistic approach to their money matters that will see long-term financial stability with return on investment. However, seeking out the assistance of a financial planner to manage your wealth can be […]

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CoreShares consolidates its ETF equity offering with Multi-factor

CoreShares today announced that it intends re-mandating its Top 40 Equally Weighted ETF (Share code: CSEW40) to track its flagship Multi-factor index. This index is designed and maintained by the renowned Scientific Beta, part of the EDHEC Business School. Scientific Beta recently announced that it now has 43 Bln USD tracking its Multi-factor indexes and […]

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Asset allocation: equities still likely to reward

By Alwyn van der Merwe, Director of Investments, Sanlam Private Wealth. After a particularly tumultuous 2018, investors could be forgiven for feeling they were waking up to 2019 nursing a massive hangover. Both global and local financial markets took a severe beating over the year, and investors in higher risk asset classes such as equities […]

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