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Jac de Wet

What exercise and investments have in common

What do investing and getting ‘beach’ ready have in common? More than you may think! “Dedication, perseverance and discipline are as key to investment success as they are to summer confidence,” says Jac de Wet, National Head of Sales at PSG Wealth. “The most important realisation, however, is that it is a lifestyle decision – […]

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Investors must consider ESG factors

Responsible investment is an approach to investing that includes environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment strategies. This is done to help better manage risk and generate sustainable, long-term returns. (more…)

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IAM acquires controlling stake in Richfield Holdings

Marking its first investment in the African education sector, Investec Asset Management, through its African Private Equity capability, has acquired a controlling stake in Richfield Holdings, one of the leading private sector tertiary education providers in South Africa. (more…)

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Cheryl Howard, MD of Maitland Fiduciary Services

Maitland acquires Talaria, launches Maitland Family Office

Maitland, the global advisory and administration firm, has announced the formation of Maitland Family Office, a multi-family office to service high net worth families, individuals and entrepreneurs in South Africa. The new entity will be one of the largest full-service independent multi-family offices in South Africa. (more…)

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Rita Cool, Alexander Forbes Financial Planning Consultant.

The value of a financial adviser

When people think about financial advisers they often think that only rich people have them. They think that they do not have enough money to invest and that a financial advisers only deals with stock market investments and choosing the best portfolio to invest in. In reality financial advisers add much value than that. Alexander […]

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Morningstar Investments _Hortense Bioy_ESG Investments

ESG looms large for SA investment advisors and asset managers

By Hortense Bioy, Director, Passive Strategies and Sustainability Research, EMEA, Morningstar. How do publicly-listed companies deal with environmental issues and climate change? How do they manage carbon risk? How do they treat their workers, and do they have effective health and safety policies? Do they manage their supply chains in a sustainable way? Do they […]

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Protecting the privacy of clients’ data

Research shows that 81 of the top 100 non-Google websites are using Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) to make their sites a safer place for individuals. HTTPS encrypts communications that are sent between an individual’s browser and the website they’re connected to, meaning that information submitted is harder to intercept and understand. (more…)

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Peter Armitage, CEO, Anchor Group.

The benefits of boutique managers

By Peter Armitage, CEO,  Anchor Capital Up until the last two decades, few investors would risk entrusting their assets to a small management firm, preferring to leave the task of preserving and growing their wealth up to larger, more established asset managers. (more…)

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