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Sanlam’s Employee Benefits partners with 27four Investment Managers

As part of its ongoing commitment to prioritising empowerment as a business goal and national economic necessity, Sanlam’s Employee Benefits (SEB) has partnered with 27four Investment Managers to launch South Africa’s first, black managed, smoothed bonus product. The Progressive Smooth Bonus Fund is managed by 27four Investment Managers and guaranteed by Sanlam. (more…)

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Elke Brink

PSG Wealth Employee Benefits Route 21 adds 2 new directors

Nelis and Elke Brink (brother and sister) have been appointed to the management team of PSG Wealth Employee Benefits Route 21, Pretoria, one of the top employee benefits offices in the PSG adviser network, as directors. The office is owned and run by Nelis and Elke’s parents, Neels and Nerine Brink. Nelis and Elke will […]

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No more business as usual for SA employee-benefits

South Africa’s employers and pension funds need to change their employee-benefits engagement models to align and recognize them as a critical ingredient to employee and member value propositions that guide financial planning to create financial freedom. (more…)

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Costa Economou

2016 tax changes show need for closer HR and retirement fund administration alignment

The likely advent of new tax changes affecting the treatment of retirement funds from March this year, which will change the way that employer-sponsored retirement funds are taxed and will impact on fund members in different ways, highlights the need for human resources personnel and retirement fund administrators to work more closely together. This is […]

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Kobus Hanekom Simeka Consultants  Actuaries

Nominating beneficiaries of your retirement fund

As a member of a retirement fund, you have no doubt nominated one or more beneficiaries – and your fund probably asks you to review your decision every year or whenever there is a change in your family situation. But did you know that you don’t have the final say in the matter? (more…)

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Challenges of unclaimed benefits

Using technology to ease the administrative burden to insurers (more…)

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A beneficiary fund provider should have a genuine interest in the wellbeing of the beneficiaries, in addition to the functional capabilities required to administer the fund and deliver the requisite investment returns.

The four elements of successful beneficiary fund administration

According to Netcare Retirement Fund Principal Officer, Craig Taylor, managing beneficiary funds is a tough, complex job that requires specialist skills and experience to ensure that the best combination of beneficiary care and fund administration is achieved. (more…)

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SA retirement funds ‘tax effective and well run’

By Kobus Hanekom, head of strategy, governance and compliance at Simeka Consultants and Actuaries (pictured) In contrast to previous years, the 2015 budget speech by Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene did not reveal any fresh retirement reform initiatives or general retirement industry proposals. While there is much room for improvement of our retirement funds, they are […]

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