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Christopher Appanah, Claims Team Leader (PI and Liability) at SHA Specialist Underwriters

‘Lack of financial knowledge is a threat to lasting change for students’

The introduction of free tertiary education has been hailed by many as an important step towards South Africa’s overall economic transformation. But low levels of financial literacy amongst students could represent a serious barrier towards achieving lasting change. (more…)

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The magic duo in financial planning: man and machine

Technology is changing the playing fields in business – and in the financial planning environment in particular, can allow intermediaries to enhance their business operations and their client engagement. On the other hand, the human element is similarly important – for insight, holistic thinking and a trusted relationship. Optimally combining the two, in a well-considered […]

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Employees’ over-indebtedness and how employers can help

Debt is spending money that you have not yet earned. Examples of debt include long-term debt such as your mortgage loan – this is a form of secured debt or “good debt” because over time the asset (your house) appreciates in value and, should you default on the debt, the house can always be sold […]

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Save Vs Spend Two Way Street Signs Point to Fiscal Responsibility

Say hello to automation – and financial freedom

It’s hard to develop good money habits. It’s especially hard when those habits include delaying gratification and cutting back on impulse purchases. When it comes to money, too many of us opt to satisfy all today’s wants instead of securing tomorrow’s financial freedom. (more…)

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Kerry Sutherland

Take financial responsibility for maintenance payments to avoid being blacklisted

According to new regulations under the Maintenance Act, maintenance defaulters can be blacklisted and blocked from getting credit. (more…)

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SA Households Richer in 2017: Momentum Unisa Household Net Wealth Index

Despite all the negativities surrounding them, South African households have something to cheer about – collectively they managed to end 2017 in a richer state compared to 2016. This is good news as the financial purpose of households is to build their wealth and in so doing, improve their chances of being Financially Well. (more…)

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10 financial considerations when getting divorced

Divorce is an extremely traumatic and disruptive experience. Apart from the legal implications and emotional turmoil, there are also important – but often overlooked – financial aspects that need to be considered, PSG Wealth discusses ten of these below. (more…)

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John Manyike

Safeguard your assets during the Easter break

The Easter holidays always offer a great opportunity to travel to another part of the country to reconnect with family and friends or join a community celebration.  Enjoy the bliss of being on the open road and make the most of your free time, but don’t leave town before taking steps to protect yourself and […]

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