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Medical Schemes battle to find sustainable competitive positions, says Consulta

The 2018 South African Customer Satisfaction Index (The SA-csi) for Medical Schemes, conducted by Consulta, reported that the industry average dropped from 74.2 in 2017 to 72.7 in 2018. This is primarily due to two of the large brands included in this year’s benchmark showing declining scores. Bonitas’ score declined from 73.1 to 70.2 and […]

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Medical aid market can be a ‘complicated space’ to navigate

The GTC 2018 Medical Aid Survey (MAS) analyses and rates medical aid schemes according to a standardised comparison and ranks the choices available to members. (more…)

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Lee Bromfield

Common myths about hospital cash plans

Despite the increasing popularity of hospital cash plans (also known as health cash plans) as supplementary cover for non-medical expenses, some consumers are still not maximising this benefit due to a few misconceptions. Lee Bromfield, CEO of FNB Life, says when used appropriately, a health cash plan can go a long way to help consumers […]

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Bonitas announces best financial results in 35 year history

Bonitas Medical Fund (the Scheme) reported a solid surplus of R730.20 million for 2017, recouping the R16.9 million deficit from 2016. Gerhard Van Emmenis, Principal Officer of Bonitas says, ‘2017 was an exceptional year for us in terms of financial results. This was largely due to several key cost saving strategies and initiatives implemented during […]

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Reaction to NHI proposals following the Minister’s comments today

By Neil Kirby, head of healthcare and life sciences law at Werksmans Attorneys   The Minister of Health has described the advent of national health insurance or NHI as the land issue in the healthcare sector.  Today, the Minister announced the introduction of two Bills to herald the introduction, into law, of the NHI. The two […]

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Tony Singleton

What gap cover doesn’t cover

With many hospitals and specialists charging multiple times the stipulated medical aid rates, gap cover has emerged as a way to protect consumers against significant medical expense shortfalls, with reasonable premiums of up to a few hundred rand per month for the more comprehensive offerings. (more…)

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Regard Budler, Managing Executive at Momentum Corporate Client Solutions

Changing the shape of group disability insurance

Group disability insurance in South Africa is highly commoditised. When purchasing group disability insurance, decisions are largely driven by price in many cases. While premiums for this highly-valued employee benefit have increased over the last two years, in order to unlock the real value of group disability benefits, employers and their financial advisers need to […]

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Girl kicking a cigarette butt

Smoking not only burns your health, it burns your wealth too

World No Tobacco Day, celebrated on 31 May, is an initiative aimed at creating awareness on the impact tobacco has on cardiovascular health worldwide. Tobacco use is an important risk factor to heart disease, strokes and peripheral vascular disease. Lifestyle factors such as smoking, are an expensive habit on your general health (both as an […]

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