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How the VAT increase will affect your next braai

The South African braai – a pastime for all seasons. In our diverse nation, this is truly an activity all can relate to. As we edge closer to 1 April 2018 it seems that this delightful pastime will come at an increased cost.  (more…)

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Stephan Haynes

Could Steinhoff be in for a class action lawsuit?

The abrupt and devastating wipe-out of 80% market value in the multi-national retailer, Steinhoff, has without any doubt brought about more questions than answers in the area of corporate law. (more…)

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Azad Zangana

From the outside, looking in: A global investment perspective on SA investors’ state of affairs

South Africa has seen a flurry of political change in recent weeks, resulting in an air of investor optimism and strengthening of the rand, proving that markets don’t wait for change to happen on the ground; they react to changes in direction and outlook. Given this “new dawn”, how should local investors be shifting their […]

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George Radford, Head of Africa at IP Global

England’s ‘Northern Powerhouse’ cities shine in latest Global Real Estate Report

Although London holds firm as a sure bet for property investors with rental growth in Greater London expected to increase by a further 16.4 % over the next three years, England’s resilient North has emerged as a strong contender in the property market. The property boom in the North has, in part, been bolstered by […]

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Tower Property Fund launches separate offshore company

Tower Property Fund has announced the launch of a separate offshore company named “TPF International”. (more…)

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Endowments Often Overlooked

By Roenica Tyson, Investment Product Manager at Glacier by Sanlam. Decreases in cost and increases in transparency and choice regarding underlying investment options make endowments a viable option to consider for tax-efficient discretionary (non-retirement funding) savings. (more…)

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The long and short of hedge funds

By Jean Pierre Verster – Portfolio Manager, Fairtree Capital. The Steinhoff-saga in December 2017 and reports by activist short-sellers recently put hedge funds in the spotlight. (more…)

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Should you sell your investment property?

A decision to sell a long term asset such as a property can sometimes be a challenging decision for an investor, more so for a novice investor. (more…)

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