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Following the herd can be detrimental to your investment plan

Long-term investors are cautioned against acting ‘because everyone else is doing it’, as this can result in them straying from their investment plans. (more…)

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Paul Bosman

Beat the confirmation bias blues

By Paul Bosman, Fund Manager, PSG Asset Management. Headlines in South African newspapers don’t make for peaceful bedtime reading, and investors are understandably concerned. Making investment decisions can be difficult when the future looks so uncertain. (more…)

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Political uncertainty leads to drop in M&A deals in Africa this quarter

Baker McKenzie’s latest quarterly Cross-border M&A Index shows that there were 17 inbound M&A deals in Africa in the second quarter (Q2) of 2017. The 17 inbound deals reflect a 48% drop from 33 deals in Q2 2016. On a quarter-by-quarter basis, inbound deal volume also dropped – by 45% – from 31 deals in […]

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Bull & Bear Econonomic Trends Competing

Five tips for success in a stagnant market

By Grant Meintjes, Head of Securities, PSG Wealth. In some countries, investors have been lucky enough to see stock markets recover fully since the 2008 financial crisis. Some even have the privilege of working with higher trading levels than before the crash. But in other countries, like South Africa for instance, markets have stagnated. (more…)

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Prof Raymond Parsons

‘A surprise but welcome cut in interest rates’

‘The surprise but welcome decision by the MPC to reduce interest rates by 25 basis points, despite the fact that there remain potential risks to the inflation outlook, emphasizes the SARB’s concern about SA’s growth prospects,” says Professor Raymond Parsons, economist at the NWU School of Business and Governance. “This is confirmed by the MPC’s […]

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Fading inflation brings more relief to consumers, says FNB as it cuts rates

Following the South African Reserve Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) decision earlier today to reduce its repo rate by 0.25%, FNB confirms that it will cut its prime lending rate from 10,5% to 10.25%. The new rate will be applied from Friday 21 July 2017 on all prime-linked rates. (more…)

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How active is your passive strategy?

The term “passive”, when used in conjunction with an investment strategy, has been known to breed the common misconception that index tracking is system generated and, thus, an approach relatively devoid of active decision-making, says Kingsley Williams, Chief Investment Officer of the indexation capability for Old Mutual Investment Group’s Customised Solutions boutique. The reality, however, is […]

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Help at financial recession

Options for investors during times like these

By Johann Smith, Head of Sales, PSG Wealth. For the last two years, our market has been flat, delivering barely positive returns. Many investors feel the pressure during times like these, often asking their advisers: “What should I do now?” (more…)

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