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Mergers & acquisitions activity declines in SA in first half of 2018

Merger & Acquisition (M&A) transactions in South Africa declined in terms of both the volume and value of domestic and cross-border deals, according to analysis by Baker McKenzie of Thomson Reuters  M&A data for South Africa. Transactions fell by 44% and 52% in terms of volume and value, respectively, in the first half of 2018 […]

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Ian Matthews, Head of Business Development at Bravura

Protection of Investment Act may deter foreign investment even further

President Cyril Ramaphosa activated the controversial Protection of Investment Act, by publication of a notice in the Government Gazette, on Friday 13 July. The Act was signed into law by former President Jacob Zuma in 2015, and foreign investors were waiting on tenterhooks as to the commencement date of the law. The law was controversial […]

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Anet Ahern

The folly of fixating on three-year numbers

Returns from most major asset classes have disappointed in recent years, leaving many investors doubting their decisions. (more…)

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Making cryptocurrency part of your savings strategy

The value of cryptocurrency as a concept and as an investment vehicle continues to stir debate in South Africa’s financial and investor circles. All investments carry their own set of risks and reward variables, and with newer investment vehicles like digital currency, the two questions investors should ask are: how much and over how long? […]

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Lynette Nicholson

Living responsibly in the discomfort zone

Young South Africans who have left home to live independently may be financially strapped, but they are resourceful enough to rise above it. This is what key findings from the 2018 Old Mutual Savings & Investment Monitor indicate. An online booster sample focused on the financial behaviours and attitudes of a sub-segment of millennials: working […]

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Lynette Nicholson

Optimism about SA isn’t enough to kick-start a strong savings culture

Old Mutual research results reveal a nation in need of greater commitment. South Africans are feeling more confident about the country’s economy and adopting better financial habits. Nevertheless, stronger commitment to long-term savings goals is still needed to turn the nation’s poor savings cycle around. This is one of the findings from the 2018 Old […]

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Determining your appetite for risk

As investors continue to be buffeted by uncertainties in the market, the importance of an appropriate, disciplined and strategic investment strategy is increasingly evident. Emotions are among an investor’s biggest enemies, particularly when faced with challenging and unpredictable events. (more…)

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Elize Botha

Get offshore exposure with a local unit trust

Given that South Africa’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) represents only 1% of the world economy, exposing your investment portfolio to international markets offers local investors a world of growth opportunities and reduces the concentration risk that comes with investing in one market. However, choosing an affordable offshore investment vehicle can be a challenge.  This is […]

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