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Nico van Zyl, Director at Sovereign Trust (Mauritius)

SA investors following the money to Mauritius

Apart from being the highest ranked economy in Sub-Saharan Africa on the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index, Mauritius is attracting growing numbers of local investors through sheer geographical proximity and the ability to “follow their money”, according to Richard Neal, Director at independent fiduciary consultancy Sovereign Trust (SA) Ltd. (more…)

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Elize Botha

Get offshore exposure with a local unit trust

Given that South Africa’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) represents only 1% of the world economy, exposing your investment portfolio to international markets offers local investors a world of growth opportunities and reduces the concentration risk that comes with investing in one market. However, choosing an affordable offshore investment vehicle can be a challenge.  This is […]

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Rian Brand, Sygnia Portfolio Manager

Investing offshore is about more than the rand

At the start of March this year, the rand was trading at under R12.00 to the dollar. Cyril Ramaphosa had taken over as president, world economic growth was positive, and sentiment towards emerging markets in general was good. The local currency was benefiting from all of this, having strengthened all the way from around R14.50 […]

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SA nationality maintains ‘medium quality’ on ranking of global nationalities

The Henley & Partners-Kochenov Quality of Nationality Index (QNI) launched in London recently. It put South Africa’s quality of nationality at 32.8% out of a possible 100%. Ranked 92nd, the country has maintained its nationality rating of medium quality. (more…)

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Invest offshore to finance your children’s international qualification

Since the beginning of the #FeesMustFall campaign in 2015, issues surrounding university fees and affordability have been under intense scrutiny by decision makers, prospective students and parents – who are more often than not, faced with the financial responsibility. Among other factors, the uncertainty created by this movement has contributed to a growing trend among […]

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Azad Zangana

From the outside, looking in: A global investment perspective on SA investors’ state of affairs

South Africa has seen a flurry of political change in recent weeks, resulting in an air of investor optimism and strengthening of the rand, proving that markets don’t wait for change to happen on the ground; they react to changes in direction and outlook. Given this “new dawn”, how should local investors be shifting their […]

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Tim Mertens

Unpacking financial emigration

Financial emigration, also known as formal emigration, is the process whereby a South African resident changes their status with the Reserve bank to that of a non-resident. One of the most important benefits of this is that retirement savings and annuities can be withdrawn and transferred offshore, even if the person is still under the […]

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What taxes do I pay when I invest offshore?

By Carla Rossouw, tax manager, Allan Gray. Investing offshore allows you to diversify and benefit from a broader universe of investment ideas, but what about the tax you may have to pay? As with any other investment, it is important to get the full picture before you make any decisions. When you invest offshore, the […]

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