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David Crossley - BDO Wealth Advisers Practice Manager - on retirement reforms

Making a Sectional Title purchase: what you should be aware of

Buying a family home is an age-old way of generating wealth creation, however the foundation to wealth creation comes from making rational money decisions and buying such a home can easily be influenced by emotional bias. (more…)

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Leonard Willemse

Investment property owners must be aware of common tax pitfalls

By Leonard Willemse, Senior Tax Consultant at Mazars. Whether investing in property for long-term returns or for resale in the short term, taxpayers are often faced with the question of how their decisions affect their tax liabilities. The most common tax mistakes in property investment can be avoided by understanding three main aspects. Intention From […]

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Investing in medical real estate

Medical real estate is a niche within the real estate market – not only is healthcare a service everyone needs, it’s also a sector backed by demographic growth. (more…)

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Five rental property buying mistakes to avoid

Praven Subbramoney, CEO of Private Bank Lending at FNB, points out five mistakes to avoid when choosing the right rental property: (more…)

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relocate home

Investment property market shows weakening signs

In the 3rd Quarter 2017 FNB Estate Agent Survey, the secondary home demand percentage was mildly lower than in the prior quarter, representing the second successive quarter of decline. In addition, there was a quarterly decline in the estimated percentage of investment (buy-to-let) home buying, a mild increase in the offloading of investment properties, and […]

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It’s a buyers’ market for house sales

Pros and cons of a joint home loan

At some stage in life everyone aspires to have a home of their own, but circumstances such as not earning enough income to qualify for a bond can often come in the way. Fortunately, banks do allow individuals to apply for home loans jointly to be able to realise their dreams. (more…)

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Accommodation options for retirees

Shortage of retirement accommodation in South Africa

There’s an added element of retirement planning that perhaps does not receive the attention it should.  It relates to the choices about the roof over one’s head when one becomes a senior citizen. (more…)

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How to get into the buy-to-rent market

A low growth economy and a rising cost of living has given property investors pause for thought. However, there is still money to made for the astute investor in the buy-to-rent market, says Gary Palmer, CEO of Paragon Lending Solutions. (more…)

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