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Combatting the risks of a climate-caused pandemic

If it felt like you caught the flu more severely last year than you usually do, you might be right. Arizona State University found a link between climate change and severe flu seasons, with warmer winters being the catalyst. This is one example of the proven link between climate change and infectious diseases, with the […]

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WEF final

Report points to deterioration in global economic and geopolitical conditions

The world’s ability to foster collective action in the face of urgent major crises has reached crisis levels, with worsening international relations hindering action across a growing array of serious challenges. Meanwhile, a darkening economic outlook, in part caused by geopolitical tensions, looks set to further reduce the potential for international cooperation in 2019. These […]

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Jayson O’Reilly, MD of @Vance Cyber Security

Risk, security teams must work together

By Jayson O’Reilly, MD of @Vance Cyber Security. Businesses across the board are facing an unprecedented range of cyber risks that could have catastrophic consequences. Moreover, there is no ‘silver bullet’ solution. The common maxim today is that a determined enough attacker will eventually get in. (more…)

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Keeran Madhav, Mazars

South African companies advised to re-evaluate their anti-fraud controls

Incidents of fraud are on the rise in South Africa, with statistics by the South African Fraud Prevention Service indicating that new fraud listings had increased by 56% in 2017. In light of International Anti-Corruption Day, which falls on Sunday 9 December 2018, all businesses should take some time to ensure that they have robust […]

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