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Ahmed Banderker

Six biggest global trends in insurtech space

Emerging market insurtech companies are set to play a major role in the predicted rise of premium growth across the global insurance industry – an expectation which has motivated Sanlam to become the first South African insurtech partner to Plug and Play, the largest global innovation platform, based in Silicon Valley. (more…)

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Enhancing returns on cash using money market funds

SARB gains further insights on DLT developments in SA

The South African Reserve Bank(SARB) has launched the report on Project Khokha. Project Khokha is a proof of concept designed to simulate a ‘real-world’ trial of a distributed ledger technology (DLT)-based wholesale payment system. The project focussed on providing participants practical experience on aspects of using DLT in a realistic test environment where different deployment […]

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SA companies need to up the pace on data analytics

Analysing data and providing actionable insights from it has become a common phenomenon. Data and analytics, once buzzwords, are now part of mainstream business jargon. The new conundrum with data is knowing what questions to ask to drive business. Without this, analysing data becomes a near impossible exercise. Dr Yudhvir Seetharam, Head of Analytics at […]

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The magic duo in financial planning: man and machine

Technology is changing the playing fields in business – and in the financial planning environment in particular, can allow intermediaries to enhance their business operations and their client engagement. On the other hand, the human element is similarly important – for insight, holistic thinking and a trusted relationship. Optimally combining the two, in a well-considered […]

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Scott Zoldi of FICO

AI: Top Trends To Look Out For in 2018

In his 2017 forecast, Scott Zoldi, analyst for big data analytics, artificial intelligence(AI) and cyber security company, FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation), suggested that we were “just at the beginning of the golden age of analytics, in which the value and contributions of AI, machine learning (ML) and deep learning will only grow as we accept […]

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Reducing your risk of identity theft

Over 15 million people are victims of identity theft annually, many of whom fall into the less tech savvy 50 and over age group. Moreover, identity theft is very hard to prevent because so much of our personal data resides outside of our control. (more…)

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