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Surviving the digital giants

By Peter Armitage, Anchor Capital’s CEO. Few would deny the benefits of the industrial revolution — increased productivity brought with it rising household income and innovation-enhanced quality of life. But the disruption, displacement and dispossession it entailed meant that, at the time, many would have struggled to recognise its good. So too with the digital revolution. […]

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After tax returns

Does tax really matter when making investment decisions?

Tax rates have been rising for several years now. Personal tax rates have gone up, and even structures such as trusts and companies are now heavily taxed in their own right. (more…)

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Three money memories

Each quarter we publish the Anchor Strategy and Asset Allocation report. Our private client business is responsible for ensuring that our clients’ experience of this is pertinent to them – meeting their specific investment needs, objectives and constraints in much the same way as a financial adviser would. Whilst it is important that everyone’s personal […]

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Hannes Smith

Staying vigilant could save you from becoming a victim of crime

South Africans have been experiencing a spate of criminal activity over many years. However, over the past couple of months, there has been a marked increase in unfamiliar and novel crimes such as car jamming and a new trend called “apple picking”, which sees criminals target iPhone users in parking lots and restaurants. However, besides […]

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Azad Zangana

Is this the end of the eurozone recovery?

By Azad Zangana, Senior European Economist and Strategist at Schroders. The early estimate of real GDP growth for the eurozone showed a significant slowdown for the first quarter of the year. Quarterly GDP growth fell from 0.7% to 0.4% – the slowest pace of quarterly growth for six quarters. The year-on-year measure fell to 2.5%, […]

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SA Households Richer in 2017: Momentum Unisa Household Net Wealth Index

Despite all the negativities surrounding them, South African households have something to cheer about – collectively they managed to end 2017 in a richer state compared to 2016. This is good news as the financial purpose of households is to build their wealth and in so doing, improve their chances of being Financially Well. (more…)

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Anuva graph

Should Treasury have implemented more provisions to boost SA’s economic growth?

South Africans are the worst savers globally, an enduring fact that has just been confirmed by the latest figures from the Investec GIBS Savings Index, which measures the country’s savings rate and savings behaviour. Clocking in at a 27-year low, the lack of household savings has a direct impact on small and medium-sized businesses (SMMEs) […]

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Prof Raymond Parsons

Downgrade ‘bad news for SA economy’

Although not entirely unexpected, the decision by Standard & Poor to cut SA’s investment rating to junk status is bad news for the economy, says Prof Raymond Parsons of the NWU School of Business and Governance. (more…)

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