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Passion investing won’t provide adequate portfolio diversification

Africa’s wealthy need to plan ahead to ensure their ‘passion investments’ stay in touch with their overall wealth ambitions and goals, says Philip Faure, Head of Cape Regions at Standard Bank Wealth and Investment. (more…)

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Become an FPSA® to comply with the new standard

If you are involved in trusts, wills and estates, or need to refer clients to a specialist, you need to know that there is a new professional designation which will soon become the de facto standard for fiduciary in South Africa. (more…)

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David Knott of Private Client Trust explains why a will needs to be assessed frequently

Have you practiced dying?

Have you considered what will happen if you met your demise on the way home from work this evening? (more…)

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Building a robust estate plan

Investment managers go to great lengths to plan ahead so that investment portfolios will withstand market volatility and unforeseen events. But how do you construct a robust estate plan that will withstand the onslaught of the many legislative changes and punitive taxes introduced in recent years? (more…)

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Mark MacSymon

Estate Planning: Dying without a will is one of the biggest mistakes you can make

If you die without a valid Will in place the assets in your estate are distributed as stipulated in the Intestate Succession Act. This can cause unnecessary trauma, costs and delays for the family you leave behind and may prevent your final wishes from being carried out. Having a Will is also an imperative for […]

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Where there’s no Will there’s little way

Guitar guru Jimi Hendrix’s death in 1970 led to 30-years’ worth of bitter court battles. Bob Marley’s estate which was valued at USD 130-million[1] was dissolved intestate, when in 1981 the reggae singer lost his battle with cancer. (more…)

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10 financial considerations when getting divorced

Divorce is an extremely traumatic and disruptive experience. Apart from the legal implications and emotional turmoil, there are also important – but often overlooked – financial aspects that need to be considered, PSG Wealth discusses ten of these below. (more…)

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What to consider when choosing an executor in your Will

One of the most important aspects to consider when drafting your last Will and Testament is the nomination of an executor who will handle the administration and management of your estate upon your death. (more…)

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