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Ignore the content of your trust deed at your peril

By Elbe Thatcher,  Fiduciary Specialist Old Mutual Wealth. Unfortunately, clients seldom take the time to study their trust deeds.  They usually sign the document and file it in a drawer somewhere never to be looked at again.  While blissful at the time, this ignorance opens the door to unplanned consequences, often leading to disillusionment for […]

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Wills drafted free of charge during national wills week

During National Wills Week, 11 September to 15 September, people across the country have the chance to have their Wills drafted free of charge. With this in mind, individuals should take the time to learn more about the drafting of valid and legally enforceable wills, to make the most of this opportunity. (more…)

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Offshore investing: No freedom of succession in Mauritius

South Africa practices freedom of succession (subject to certain exclusions) and South African residents are, in essence, free to bequeath their assets to whoever they please. “A number of countries do not have this freedom of succession and they apply forced succession. – such as Mauritius,” says Gordon Stuart, Director of Accuro’s Mauritius office. He was […]

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Offshore investing: One Will or two?

South African fiduciary practitioners regularly find that their clients or estates have an international element, says Oliver Phipps of Lester Aldridge Solicitors in the United Kingdom.  He was speaking at the 7th Annual FISA Conference in Sandton today. (more…)

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What happens when you die without a Will?

When a person passes on without a Will, they forfeit the privilege of deciding what should happen to their estate and the estate gets allocated in terms of pre-determined legislated guidelines, known as Intestate Succession. In other words, that person has no say in how the estate should be apportioned. (more…)

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