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Should you consider a testamentary trust?

The introduction of tax on interest-free loans to trusts has seen inter vivos trusts fall out of favour with a shift towards using testamentary trusts instead, according to Willie Fourie, Head of Estate and Trust Services at PSG Wealth. (more…)

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Uncertainty about cryptocurrency and virtual assets in an estate

AUTHOR: Dave Thomson, CFP® and Senior Legal Adviser at Sanlam Trust I recently attended the Fiduciary Institute of South Africa (FISA) conference and listened to a very interesting presentation on freedom of testation and digital assets by Deidre Booyens. (more…)

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Nico Botha, Angelique Visser (FISA Vice-Chairperson), Dr Eben Nel (FISA Chairperson)

Winner of annual FISA Chairperson’s Award announced

At the 8th Annual FISA Conference held at the Sandton Convention Centre on 20 September, the annual FISA Chairperson’s Award was handed to Nico Botha of Stellenbosch Trustees and Trust Limited. (more…)

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From left to right- René Kotzé, Angélique Visser (FISA Councillor), Eben Nel (FISA Chairperson)

Winner of the Top FPSA® Candidate Award 2017 announced

Fiduciary award winner Ms René Kotzé of PSG Wealth in Pretoria received the Top FPSA® Candidate Award 2017 at the 8th Annual FISA Conference in Sandton on 20 September 2018. (more…)

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Remay de Kock, Legal Adviser at BDO Wealth Advisers

Why Won’t you get a Will?

By Remay de Kock, Legal Adviser at BDO Wealth Advisers.  During the past few years I have spent many hours convincing clients on the importance of a Will. Although my clients are my main concern, I spent many an hour inside my organisation to ensure that my colleagues also realise the importance thereof. But, I […]

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Separate wills should be planned together

There is a growing trend of married or partnered couples to draft separate wills, as opposed to a joint will. Whilst this enshrines each party’s individual wishes, it may result in unintentional errors creeping into wills, leading to outcomes that the deceased had not intended.  (more…)

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Securing the future: Wills and your legacy

By Kezia Talbot and Remay de Kock, Legal advisers at BDO SA. During life we have so many pressing factors to consider – career, business, income, tax, education, investments… We’re dealing with the present to ensure a stable, secure future, and it may seem “unnecessary” to incur further costs to draft a will. (more…)

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Duties of a trustee

The Trust Property Control Act No. 57 of 1988 (the Act) defines a trust as an arrangement through which ownership of a person’s assets is entrusted to the trustees or beneficiaries, with the trustees being tasked to administer these assets according to the trust instrument for the benefit of the beneficiaries. (The trust instrument is […]

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