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Remay de Kock, Legal Adviser at BDO Wealth Advisers

Why Won’t you get a Will?

By Remay de Kock, Legal Adviser at BDO Wealth Advisers.  During the past few years I have spent many hours convincing clients on the importance of a Will. Although my clients are my main concern, I spent many an hour inside my organisation to ensure that my colleagues also realise the importance thereof. But, I […]

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Separate wills should be planned together

There is a growing trend of married or partnered couples to draft separate wills, as opposed to a joint will. Whilst this enshrines each party’s individual wishes, it may result in unintentional errors creeping into wills, leading to outcomes that the deceased had not intended.  (more…)

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Securing the future: Wills and your legacy

By Kezia Talbot and Remay de Kock, Legal advisers at BDO SA. During life we have so many pressing factors to consider – career, business, income, tax, education, investments… We’re dealing with the present to ensure a stable, secure future, and it may seem “unnecessary” to incur further costs to draft a will. (more…)

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Duties of a trustee

The Trust Property Control Act No. 57 of 1988 (the Act) defines a trust as an arrangement through which ownership of a person’s assets is entrusted to the trustees or beneficiaries, with the trustees being tasked to administer these assets according to the trust instrument for the benefit of the beneficiaries. (The trust instrument is […]

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South Africans should prioritize drafting their wills

More South Africans should take advantage of the opportunity to have their wills drafted during this year’s Wills Week from 17 to 21 September. (more…)

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Why the draft bill pertaining to Living Wills is an important one

A draft National Health Amendment Bill is to be introduced to parliament that will explicitly allow for living wills to be recognised and enforced. (more…)

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David Knott of Private Client Trust explains why a will needs to be assessed frequently

Estate Planning: Death and Marriage go together like a horse and carriage

For most people the words “death” and “marriage” do not belong together in the same conversation. The last thing on people’s minds when they get married and enter into an ante-nuptial contract is death – the focus is usually around possible divorce. Likewise, when planning the affairs around our demise, very few of us would […]

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Willie Fourie

Don’t let a careless estate plan undo a lifetime of saving

Savings Month is here and as we see every July, many South Africans are taking the opportunity to review their savings habits and behaviours. One aspect that’s often overlooked is that your hard-earned savings gains can easily be undone by failing to pay sufficient attention to estate planning. “Even if all your retirement goals fall […]

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