Momentum Securities relaunches

In October this year, Momentum Securities hit the refresh button and re-launched and re-introduced itself to the investment community. This was followed by a formal introduction to media in November 2017. The move solidifies existing and trusted IP that is entrenched within the business unit, but also presents a new energy that strongly aligns with Financial Wellness company Momentum and its JSE listed holding company MMI.

The current state of the economy has added even more volatility to the investments industry. That is why reliable and trustworthy stockbroking services have become even more crucial for investors. Momentum Securities offers a full-service stockbrokerage that offers bespoke services to cater to the specific investment needs of each individual client.

Momentum Securities are able to offer customised portfolio building with both local and international exposure, as well as diversification away from traditional options, all with a tested and solid advice component from an expert team of specialists and dedicated research teams. An institutional team is also available to institutional investors with opportunity to trade in emerging and offshore markets.

Solutions include: The Discretionary or Managed portfolio offering allows clients to have their local and offshore portfolios managed by experienced brokers, with risk profiles and investment objectives taken into consideration. Advisory portfolios allow the client to choose the level of involvement with which they are comfortable, with readily available guidance and support from a team of experts (Minimum initial investment of R250 000 applies to Discretionary as well as Advisory Portfolios). Non-discretionary portfolios give the client the power to be actively involved and participate in the management of their own investments (No minimum investment amount applies). Securities Based Lending (SBL) uses the gearing power of a share portfolio to access necessary liquidity for personal or business needs, while keeping long-term investment objectives intact. Top 100 JSE listed shares are accepted as collateral.

“We are a full-service stockbroker and our focus is on the unique needs of our clients. Our bespoke investment approach caters for a personalized investment experience. Our positioning within the Momentum Group allows us to provide our clients with a unique holistic Financial Wellness offering”, says Head of Portfolio Management and Stockbroking at Momentum Securities, Jan van Staden.

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