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Jaco Prinsloo, Financial Planner

10 New Year’s resolutions to help grow your bank balance

  Alexander Forbes Financial Planning Consultant, Jaco Prinsloo, suggests 10 easy ways to help you save money in 2019. 1)            New Year, new me Some of your New Year resolutions might require some new equipment such as a bicycle, trainers or a set of golf clubs. This should not be seen as a shopping opportunity and […]

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More than R60 million paid out by two unclaimed benefits funds

In just 25 months, the Mines 1970 Unclaimed Benefits Preservation Pension and Provident Funds have improved their combined tracing rate to identify 62% of the total number of missing beneficiaries. (more…)

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How to build wealth

This week, we provide some tips from Greg Bradfield, Alexander Forbes Certified Financial Planner, on how to break bad habits and build wealth. Today’s lifestyles are busier than ever before, resulting in bad financial habits and the neglect of important issues which inevitably play an important role in securing financial well-being, especially in retirement years. […]

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