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Save Vs Spend Two Way Street Signs Point to Fiscal Responsibility

Say hello to automation – and financial freedom

It’s hard to develop good money habits. It’s especially hard when those habits include delaying gratification and cutting back on impulse purchases. When it comes to money, too many of us opt to satisfy all today’s wants instead of securing tomorrow’s financial freedom. (more…)

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Kerry Sutherland

Take financial responsibility for maintenance payments to avoid being blacklisted

According to new regulations under the Maintenance Act, maintenance defaulters can be blacklisted and blocked from getting credit. (more…)

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Anelisa Mti, Advisory Partner at Citadel

Financial planning key to narrowing SA gender gap

According to the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Gender Gap Report, South Africa features among the top 20 of 144 countries in terms of gender equality. Worryingly, however, the country is ranked at just 89 for economic participation and opportunity, and a shocking 114 for wage equality for work performed in similar positions. Advocating that […]

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How women can keep their financial goals on track

Numerous demands on your time and pockets mean that as a woman it’s easy to stray from the path to achieving your financial goals. Christelle Louw, an Advisory Partner at Citadel, offers some practical tips for avoiding common slip-ups and getting your own finances back on track. (more…)

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Understanding your credit for major life events

The first months of the year bring both the promise of new beginnings and the potential for self-improvement. This time of the year is also the perfect time to take control of your finances by setting tangible and realistic financial goals. (more…)

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Essential financial planning for couples

Moving in together is a big step, but it’s more involved than just picking up your partners clothes from where they left them on the floor.  Talking about how you’ll manage your finances as a couple is integral. (more…)

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Grant Meintjes, head of PSG Securities

Three ways holistic financial planning can enhance your share portfolio

By Grant Meintjes, Head of Securities, PSG Wealth. You may have started out with a small amount of money which seems unimportant to include in your plan, or perhaps it is one area of your financial plan you want to retain control over. Perhaps you are motivated by those weekend conversations around the braai, and simply […]

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The lowdown on getting great financial advice

“Finding a financial adviser you can trust often feels like a daunting task, with many not even knowing where to begin,” says Lizl Budhram of Old Mutual Personal Finance. (more…)

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