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Eric Enslin

State of economy makes compelling case for diversification

The current state of the local and global economies makes a compelling case for the ‘old adage’ of diversifying one’s investments. This is according to Eric Enslin, CEO of FNB Private Wealth and RMB Private Bank. (more…)

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Banks satisfying needs of SA’s middle class through private banking

South African banks have been ramping up efforts to offer compelling private banking services to cater for the unique needs of the country’s middle class population. This is according to Sipho Silinda, CEO of FNB Private Clients. (more…)

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How to fund your retirement when self-employed

South Africa’s drive to create more entrepreneurs is likely to increase the number of people who are self-employed and such individuals need to be aware of efficient ways to safeguard or fund their retirement. (more…)

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South Africans and bank charges

The Solidarity Bank Charges Report reckons that competition in the market for basic bank accounts is still active, while pressure of competition is keeping the cost of accounts marketed to the middle class in check. (more…)

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FNB and Visa announce decrease in credit card fraud

According to FNB and Visa, anti-fraud measures have reduced FNB Credit Card fraud by 39%. (more…)

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How well do home values really hold up in tough economic times?

In this article, John Loos, Property Sector Strategist, FNB Home Loans, discusses the view that property values are capable of by-and-large “holding up” in tougher economic times, with some even believing that home values “can only rise”. Such views were arguably behind the massive mortgage lending boom across much of the world in the last decade. […]

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