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Keith Wade

Global growth to slow in 2019 and dollar looks set to weaken

Schroders forecast global growth to slow in 2019 and the dollar looks set to weaken with US interest rates peaking mid-year. A more stagflationary environment is expected in 2019 with global growth set to slow and inflation to rise.  US interest rates expected to peak at 3% in mid-2019 but other central banks will continue […]

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Global growth is out of sync – what’s in store for SA

By Reza Hendrickse, Portfolio Manager at PPS Investments. Global economic expansion fell out of sync this year unlike the previous two years as global growth appeared to have plateaued. This is evident in Q3 where the performance has been less than spectacular. (more…)

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Maarten Ackerman

Making friends of enemies, and enemies of friends

By Maarten Ackerman, Chief Economist and Advisory Partner, Citadel. The policy response to the 2008 Global Financial Crisis set in motion the geopolitical trends that would eventually see the pivot from leaders such as Barack Obama, Gordon Brown and Angela Merkel to the populism of Trump and Brexit. (more…)

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Nigel Green

2018 offers investors optimism – but they need to proceed with caution

Faster global GDP growth, continuing loose global monetary policies, and U.S. tax cuts will help make 2018 a profitable year for investors. But there are also some important headwinds on the horizon, warns the CEO of one of the word’s largest independent financial advisory organisations. (more…)

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Global growth – headwinds or tailwinds?

By Michael Hasenstab, Ph.D. Executive Vice President, Chief Investment Officer, Templeton Global Macro While some forecasters predict gloomy global growth this year, the contrarian-minded Dr. Michael Hasenstab, chief investment officer, Templeton Global Macro (formerly known as Templeton Global Bond Group), has a different view. He aims to counter what he sees as “excessive pessimism” surrounding […]

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Global economy expected to continue growing slowly

The global economy is expected to continue experiencing soft growth as historical excesses and debt are slowly worked off. Commenting on his economic report for the third quarter of 2012, Francois van der Merwe, Head of Macro Research at Novare Investments, said: “Globally, policymakers are stimulating economies through ultra-accommodative monetary policy, and in the case […]

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Despite risk this is not 2008, policymakers responsible for volatility

While the number of risks currently dogging global markets makes it wise to be cautious when selecting investments, there are some signs that suggest that things, while tenuous, may not be quite as bad as they appear to be. According to Johann Els, economist at Old Mutual Investment Group SA (OMIGSA), much of the recent […]

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