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Is your medical aid plan still right for you

AUTHOR: Shreekanth Sing, technical legal adviser at PSG Wealth It’s that time of year again, when medical aid schemes announce their benefit changes and costs for the year ahead. Given that medical aid costs are escalating faster than inflation, it can be tempting to look for ways to save. But it’s important to properly consider […]

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NHI will undermine, not improve, healthcare for all

Pressing ahead with National Health Insurance (NHI) will steadily undermine South Africa’s excellent private healthcare system, and overburden the country’s already gravely deficient public health system, at vast cost to taxpayers. (more…)

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Bonitas announces 8.9% increase with added benefits

Women’s health, men’s health, chronic disease management, innovative plans, catching criminals and a digital revamp – Bonitas reflects on 2018 and launches its 2019 plans and strategy (more…)

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Gap Cover for seniors – what you need to know

As we advance in years, we may gain invaluable wisdom, but for many of us the ageing process can also signal the onset of new health concerns. (more…)

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The benefit of wellness programmes

It’s abundantly clear from research by medical schemes such as Discovery and Momentum – the two medical aid schemes with the biggest wellness incentive programmes in Vitality (700 000 main members) and Multiply (154 181 main members) – that members engaging in some form of activity on a regular basis have lower medical claims on average compared […]

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Lee Bromfield

Common myths about hospital cash plans

Despite the increasing popularity of hospital cash plans (also known as health cash plans) as supplementary cover for non-medical expenses, some consumers are still not maximising this benefit due to a few misconceptions. Lee Bromfield, CEO of FNB Life, says when used appropriately, a health cash plan can go a long way to help consumers […]

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Tony Singleton

What gap cover doesn’t cover

With many hospitals and specialists charging multiple times the stipulated medical aid rates, gap cover has emerged as a way to protect consumers against significant medical expense shortfalls, with reasonable premiums of up to a few hundred rand per month for the more comprehensive offerings. (more…)

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Regard Budler, Managing Executive at Momentum Corporate Client Solutions

How prepared are South African companies for a cancer tsunami?

A cancer tsunami is approaching South Africa and could have a devastating impact on workplace productivity. However, Regard Budler, Managing Executive: Momentum Corporate Client Solutions says that proactive action by employers and their financial advisers can help to reduce the impact. (more…)

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