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Theresa May Holds on, but What Does This Mean for Investors?

Theresa May has survived a leadership challenge called by Eurosceptic members of her own party and will continue to lead the United Kingdom as it heads toward Brexit. But David Zahn, Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group’s head of European Fixed Income, warns May’s troubles are not over yet. He predicts further volatility ahead for financial […]

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The changing dynamic of wealth preservation in a sluggish economy

By Martine Steinegger Allocca, Senior Vice President at Lombard Odier and William Frank, Assistant Vice President at Lombard Odier. For many High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) and Ultra HNWIs (UHNWIs), preserving wealth can be much more important than securing sizeable returns. This may seem like a simple ask however, in a sluggish economic environment, preservation […]

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‘Very few shining stars in the galaxy of stocks this past year’

As at 30 November 2018, equities, as an asset class, based on the FTSE/JSE All Share Index (Alsi) total return, have returned -12.26% year-to-date. Achieving a negative return is always a bitter pill for investors to swallow; however, after comparing equities to some other asset classes, it becomes more of a bitter brick to swallow. […]

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Anet Ahern, CEO, PSG Asset Management explains why taking a long-term view is key to successful investing

Investment lessons from 2018

Anet Ahern, Chief Executive Officer of PSG Asset Management. As an eventful year winds to a close, it’s a good time to reflect on the investment principles that turbulent markets in 2018 have once again reminded us of. (more…)

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South African investors feeling jaded by investment portfolios

By Director and Senior Portfolio Manager of Morningstar Investment Management, Victoria Reuvers. Feeling slightly jaded or disillusioned by your investment portfolio? You’re not alone. For the best part of five years, investors could be excused for thinking that they’ve been trapped in a Groundhog Day of horrible market conditions. While global markets have rallied, especially in […]

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Musk’s contempt for SEC signals significant ESG risk to Tesla investors

Elon Musk may have settled his fine with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), following charges of securities fraud earlier this year. However, the Tesla CEO didn’t miss the opportunity to announce his explicit contempt for the so-called watchdog over Wall Street, saying “I want to be clear: I do not respect the […]

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Lessons from 2018 and what to expect of 2019

By Samy Chaar, Chief Economist, Lombard Odier. After the stellar act of 2017, we did anticipate greater financial market volatility and lower returns this year, just not quite this bad. At the time of writing, global equity, commodity, sovereign and credit indices are all posting negative year-to-date performances in USD terms – despite a pretty […]

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No pre-Christmas rally on global markets

By Dave Mohr (Chief Investment Strategist) & Izak Odendaal (Investment Strategist), Old Mutual Multi-Managers. Hopes of a pre-Christmas rally on global equity markets were dashed last week. The optimism around a thawing in US-China trade relations following the G20 Summit in Buenos Aires lasted barely a day before it became clear that there was widespread […]

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