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Andrew Kurten

Award-winning adviser joins PSG Wealth

PSG Wealth Melrose Arch is pleased to announce that Wealth Manager Andrew Kurten has joined the office. Andrew is regarded as one of the top wealth managers in the country, with various awards and achievements behind his name. He has 15 years of experience in the banking industry and is skilled in portfolio management, financial planning, and retirement […]

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Joseph Little, Chief Global Strategist at HSBC Global Asset Management

Mid-year review: Outlook good for US

HSBC Global Asset Management recently published its mid-year review in which it notes that after near universal growth throughout 2017, divergence has returned.  While the outlook for the US is good, HSBC is less positive about Europe and Japan.  In its opinion, emerging markets – especially  those in Asia – look to remain strong. “We […]

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Adriaan Pask, CIO at PSG Wealth

The four best investment lessons we learn from volatility

Volatility is a given in the investment world, and in the past year investors have been exposed to several events that sparked short-term volatility. There were irregularities around corporate finances, sovereign events like the ANC elective conference, and concerns around rising inflation in the United States, which led to a sharp decline in US markets […]

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What do these ‘secret millionaires’ have in common?

A recent New York Times article took many investors by surprise: A frugal legal secretary, who worked at the same firm for 67 years until she retired at the age of 96, was a “closet millionaire” who amassed a fortune of more than US$9 million. Reports claim that Sylvia Bloom joins a host of others who […]

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How to get the most out of global equity exposure

Investors who ignore offshore opportunities deny themselves the significant benefit of exposure to a far wider range of stocks. David Nathanson, Portfolio Manager at Bellwood Capital, says that while more South African high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) are investing globally, many others are still missing out on the opportunity of including direct offshore investing in their financial plan. (more…)

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Shaun le Roux

Value is abundant in expensive markets

By Shaun le Roux is the fund manager of the PSG Equity and PSG Flexible Funds. Global assets are generally trading at elevated valuation levels. Given these levels, we believe that portfolio returns (on a broad basis) will be disappointing compared to the returns South African (and other) investors have become accustomed to over the […]

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Passion investing won’t provide adequate portfolio diversification

Africa’s wealthy need to plan ahead to ensure their ‘passion investments’ stay in touch with their overall wealth ambitions and goals, says Philip Faure, Head of Cape Regions at Standard Bank Wealth and Investment. (more…)

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Time vs money graph v1

Time and time again

By Stephen Kelly, Investment Analyst, Maitland A pick-up in equity market volatility, like the one experienced recently, can lead to greater disparity amongst portfolio returns as different investors make different decisions based on the information they see and the emotions they feel. (more…)

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