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Henley and Partners on second citizenships

Second passports ‘no longer just talk’

The recent credit downgrades by Fitch and Standard & Poor’s ratings agencies, and the potential effects of junk status, has wealthy South Africans seriously reviewing the available options for diversifying their personal interests and investment assets beyond the country’s borders. (more…)

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Never stop investing because of volatility

South Africa’s recent downgrades by rating agencies may put off some people from continuing to invest. This should not be the case, the market goes through periods of volatility and that’s never reason enough not to stay invested. (more…)

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Louis van Rensburg

We can’t tell the future, but we can look at the past

By Louis van Rensburg, Financial planner, PSG Wealth Pretoria East The stock market has simply moved sideways over the last few years, while providing investors not much more than volatility. The JSE peaked at 55 188 points in April 2015 and by 1 May 2017, was hovering at under 54 000 points. This means that, […]

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How to get into the buy-to-rent market

A low growth economy and a rising cost of living has given property investors pause for thought. However, there is still money to made for the astute investor in the buy-to-rent market, says Gary Palmer, CEO of Paragon Lending Solutions. (more…)

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Five money mistakes retirees must avoid

Retirement planning is an ongoing process; in fact once retirement starts it becomes all the more important to make wise investment decisions. (more…)

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Ester Ochse

What to do after a financial windfall

After receiving a financial windfall, such as an inheritance or lottery winnings, it’s important to stop and think about what you want to do with your money. (more…)

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Elize Botha_MD of Old Mutual Unit Trusts copy

Unit Trust selection in SA

BY:  Elize Botha, Managing Director: Old Mutual Unit Trusts Unit trusts have grown increasingly popular amongst local retail and institutional investors alike, driving the registration of 193 more unit trusts in South Africa last year alone, according to the Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA)’s collective investment scheme statistics to the end of […]

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The only investment outcome that matters

Outcome-based investing is a game changer for local investors, according to Momentum Investments chief investment officer, Sonja Saunderson. MMI Holdings has fully committed its policyholder assets to outcome-based investing as its underlying investment philosophy and the framework for managing clients’ assets and their investor journey through Momentum Investments. (more…)

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