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Pearlene Govender, Junior Portfolio Manager at Novare Investments

How diversification can help you build wealth steadily over time

By Pearlene Govender, Junior Portfolio Manager at Novare Investments. We’ve all used the phrase “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” at some point or another, but this analogy could not be more apt when considered in an investments and portfolio construction framework. Stories about superstar investors making a fortune out of a single […]

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Japan: building momentum – is this time different?

Tristan Hanson, head of asset allocation at Ashburton Investments  recently attended the CLSA Japan Forum in Tokyo where a number of companies and keynote speakers presented, including Prime Minister Abe, as well as meeting journalists, analysts and economists. He returned with the following conclusions: The Japanese equity market looks relatively attractive for the next 18-24 […]

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World remains an oyster for the wealthy post Budget 2015

The latest budget is a bitter sweet one for high net worth individuals, with this year’s tax blow softer than expected, and good news on foreign regulations. Even though personal tax and tax on trusts have increased by 1%, and the transfer fees on homes over R2,5-million have gone up by 3%, the fact that […]

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Investors urged to act on ‘double edged sword’ strong dollar environment

Investors must factor-in the impact of the new era of a stronger dollar into their investment strategies, affirms a leading global analyst at one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organisations. The comments from Tom Elliott, International Investment Strategist at deVere Group, which has $10bn under advice, follow a generally sustained dollar surge throughout […]

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Global equities a better option than still expensive JSE

The recent correction in global equity markets removed a lot of the froth evident in valuation levels a few months ago and, looking ahead, global equities are likely to be supported by continued accommodative monetary policies and low bond yields. Commenting on Novare Investments’ economic report for the third quarter of 2014, Francois van der […]

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Five tips for investing offshore

Offshore investing refers to a variety of investment tactics that exploit advantages accessible outside of an investor’s home country. There are both advantages and disadvantages of offshore investing. Mabyanine Phiri, Portfolio Associate at ACM Gold, shares some guidelines to keep in mind when investing offshore: 1. Investing offshore is a good way to gain part […]

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Watch for risk hidden in offshore returns

The significant weakening of the rand against major currencies over the past two years has been a big driver of returns for South African investors invested offshore, and may even have masked poor investment allocation. Now that the rand is close to fair value, the performance of the underlying offshore assets will be far more […]

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Mid-Year emerging markets update: ‘Recovery Phase’

By Mark Mobius PH.D. Executive Chairman Templeton Emerging Markets Group Singapore As I’ve often said, investing in emerging markets requires patience, long-term perspective, and selective stock-picking. I think many investors focus too much on the short-term. As long-term investors, we view short-term bouts of volatility as an opportune time to find potential bargains for our […]

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