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Felix Kagura

Consider your life insurance options when you are young

Felix Kagura, Head of Long Term Insurance Propositions at Standard Bank, believes that life insurance options should be considered by the young. (more…)

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Lee Bromfield, CEO of FNB Life

The importance of releasing a life policy cession

Consumers who have ceded their life policies as security over debt with a financial institution should not overlook the importance of releasing the cession when the debt has been fully settled.  (more…)

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Brad Toerien, CEO, FMI

Critical illness cover inspired by cancer survivors addresses real needs

In South Africa, 100 000 people receive a cancer diagnosis each year, with one in nine women being diagnosed in their lifetime1 and breast cancer being the leading cancer diagnosed among women2. It’s unlikely that there’s a single South African untouched by cancer, and it’s common knowledge that the impact of a critical illness is much more […]

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Bridget Mokwena-Halala

How to plan a funeral and save money

By Bridget Mokwena-Halala: Chief Executive Officer, Assupol Life.  According to a study done by FinMark in 2017, 55% of the South African adult population have funeral cover. This stems from a long-standing cultural belief that a person should get a dignified funeral. The cost of a funeral could range from anywhere between R6 000 and R80 000, […]

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George Kolbe

Give children the best possible critical illness cover

By George Kolbe, Head of Marketing for Life Insurance, Momentum. When children are in desperate need of help because of a critical illness, parents will do everything in their power to source the best possible care for their children and cancer is no exception. Although cancer in children and teenagers are rare, statistics indicate that […]

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Policyholders and beneficiaries receive R63.7bn in death, disability and critical illness payouts from life insurers

South African life insurers paid R63.7 billion to individuals who had experienced death, disability or a severe illness in their family circle in the 12 months ended June 2018. This marks an increase of more than R6.3 billion from the previous 12 months to the end of June 2017. (more…)

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Choosing the right funeral cover amount

Many consumers who take out funeral cover often struggle to choose the appropriate cover amount for funeral expenses. (more…)

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Life Insurance

Setting up your dependants for a sustainable financial future

According to Stats SA, in 2017 there were approximately 71 million unemployed youths globally. Roughly 53% of South African youths, between the ages of 15 and 34, are heavily indebted. (more…)

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