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The gap is R18trillion

The second study into the gap in insurance cover in South Africa was released today in Johannesburg (17 November 2010). The study was conducted on behalf of Asisa (Association of Savings and Investment SA) by True South Actuaries and Consultants, co-authored by the Bureau of Market Research at Unisa. The first study showed a gap […]

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SA life industry shows clean bill of health

South Africans bought life insurance products worth R62-billion in new premiums last year, only 5% less than was spent on new recurring and single premiums in 2008 when R65.5-billion was received. Reporting back on the 2009 sales statistics for the South African long-term insurance industry, Peter Dempsey, deputy CEO of the Association for Savings and […]

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Long-term sustainability versus initial affordability

New generation products have revolutionised the local long-term insurance industry and they offer policyholders excellent benefits and value. Part of their innovative flexibility has been accurate pricing and different premium patterns to pay for your policy. Momentum highlights price as an important consideration especially in the current economic environment, and offers flexible premium patterns on […]

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Controlled diabetics given access to fully comprehensive life cover and benefits

In a major step in the right direction for diabetics, fully comprehensive life cover is now available for well controlled diabetics with type 1, 1.5 and 2 diabetes. The paradigm-shifting move means well-controlled diabetics are now offered fully comprehensive life cover, as well as disability and critical illness benefits. According to the World Diabetes Foundation, […]

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Don’t Leave Your Family Underinsured

Shock at Eskom’s proposed tariff hike, which would see an average family’s monthly electricity bill soar from about R760 to R3 000 by 2012, has highlighted just how quickly finances can change. It is therefore important that the insured regularly review their finances to ensure their families will be properly looked after in the event […]

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The Case for Age Rated Premiums

Life assurance is one of the few necessities in life that has consistently got cheaper over the last decade. Improving mortality, better technologies and selling practices, more informed clients and more (aggressive) competition have all helped to bring about sustainable cost reductions. Over and above this, the industry has devised a variety of pricing techniques, […]

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