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Some Americans are above the law

The American people – and indeed the world – are probably sick and tired of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s emails.  They now have seemingly heard the end of the saga, as this week, the FBI gave Hillary a mere slap on the wrist and recommended to the US attorney general that no action be taken. […]

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Fred White

Take comfort, this is not the global financial crisis

Initially, last Friday morning, the British Pound declined by 12% between a midnight high of $1.50/GBP (when a victory for the “Stay” campaign was seen as the likely outcome), to $1.32/GBP a mere 6 hours later when the referendum outcome became apparent.  Some shares were sold aggressively, such as Barclays PLC which was soon down […]

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Bertus Visser, PSG Insure

Insuring against the unexpected

Life has a way of throwing the occasional curveball, particularly when it comes to your motor vehicle, says Bertus Visser, Chief Executive of Distribution at PSG Insure. (more…)

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Arrow up direction with people

SA Reserve Bank hikes rate by 25 basis points

The SA Reserve Bank has hiked its key benchmark rate by 25 basis points to 6% per annum. (more…)

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Samantha Lance, the new Head of Risk and Compliance, joins deVere South Africa

deVere appoints new Head of Risk and Compliance in SA

deVere South Africa on Wednesday announced the appointment of Samantha Lance to lead its Risk and Compliance department. (more…)

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Growing pile of money

What are the growing numbers of SA high net worth individuals doing right?

The number of new millionaires in Africa is steadily growing, with more than 160 000 individuals holding around US$660 billion in personal wealth at the end of 2014, according to the New World Wealth Africa Wealth Report for 2015. More impressively, the report points to Africa having the fastest growing high net worth (HNW) individual market […]

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digital economy

Don’t dismiss a business that owns zip

Uber, the on-demand transport business, is now the world’s most valuable travel start-up, valued at more than $40 billion. In fact, it has the potential to become the most highly valued private company in the world. All of this with no fleet of its own. (more…)

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IMF wants tighter regulation of the asset management industry

Today we’re privileged to have award winning economist Colen Garrow as our guest newsletter writer. Colen has a BCom (Hons) in Economics. He started a career in banking with Barclays Bank in 1983. He joined Brait, a JSE listed private equity company in 2001. Since his exit from Brait, Colen started Meganomics, a platform being […]

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