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old mut

The offshore conundrum for SA investors

By Zain Wilson, Portfolio Manager at Old Mutual Investment Group. The recent announcement that South Africa has officially entered a recession, following two consecutive quarters of negative growth, appears to have largely reversed the optimism that took hold of the country following the change in leadership at the beginning of the year. While the global […]

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Growing pile of money

Top three tips for investing in a recession

The recent announcement that South Africa is in its first technical recession in nine years has dominated conversations from the newsroom to the watercooler. However, according to Herman van Papendorp, head of investment research and asset allocation at Momentum Investments, there’s really nothing technical about a recession and investors should stick to the basics to […]

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Reyneke Van Wyk

Global investing: No such thing as bad timing

Recent studies have revealed that when a disciplined approach to the regular investment of funds offshore is followed, the timing of these transactions is less important than many investors perceive it to be. (more…)

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How much will it cost to educate your child offshore?

Increasingly wealth managers are being asked about the costs of offshore education after matric by their high net worth clients due to a perceived decline in educational standards in South Africa. Charlene Prinsloo, Wealth Manager at AlphaWealth explains: “We investigated the costs and they are staggering.” (more…)

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Tightening up on the offshore trust rules

By Ernest Mazansky, Head of Tax Practice, Werksmans Attorneys. (more…)

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Elize Botha

Get offshore exposure with a local unit trust

Given that South Africa’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) represents only 1% of the world economy, exposing your investment portfolio to international markets offers local investors a world of growth opportunities and reduces the concentration risk that comes with investing in one market. However, choosing an affordable offshore investment vehicle can be a challenge.  This is […]

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Rian Brand, Sygnia Portfolio Manager

Investing offshore is about more than the rand

At the start of March this year, the rand was trading at under R12.00 to the dollar. Cyril Ramaphosa had taken over as president, world economic growth was positive, and sentiment towards emerging markets in general was good. The local currency was benefiting from all of this, having strengthened all the way from around R14.50 […]

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How to get the most out of global equity exposure

Investors who ignore offshore opportunities deny themselves the significant benefit of exposure to a far wider range of stocks. David Nathanson, Portfolio Manager at Bellwood Capital, says that while more South African high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) are investing globally, many others are still missing out on the opportunity of including direct offshore investing in their financial plan. (more…)

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