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Jac de Wet

You’ve been burnt by the market – now what?

By Jac de Wet, National Head of Sales, PSG Wealth What can you do about a market event, correction or shock after the fact? The best course of action, is to view it as a learning opportunity, and take action to ensure your risk profile, investment strategy and asset allocation have all been determined correctly. […]

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Justice Malala

‘Study the NDP’, Justice Malala tells PSG clients and advisers

Speaking in Johannesburg as part of a country-wide roadshow to PSG Wealth clients and advisers, political analyst Justice Malala told the audience that the National Development Plan is a “fantastic plan” that should have been implemented as soon as it was released in 2012. (more…)

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Anet Ahern

Investing lessons from 2017

By Anet Ahern, CEO, PSG Asset Management. Say no to the narrative, not the opportunity It’s easy to get caught up in market narratives. When news flow is good and sentiment positive, investors tend to buy popular securities at any price, paying little attention to valuation and risk. When news is bad and share prices fall, […]

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Pierre Puren, Financial Adviser at PSG Wealth Jeffrey’s Bay

Avoiding smokescreens and mirrors

By Pierre Puren, Financial Adviser at PSG Wealth Jeffrey’s Bay. The saying goes that if something is too good to be true, it usually is. (more…)

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Bertus Visser

Ensuring a favourable festive season

By Bertus Visser, Chief Executive of Distribution, PSG Insure. The end of the year sees many of us venturing off on holiday – be it locally or abroad. Perhaps you are even renting out your home – or part of it – on popular vacation sites like Airbnb. There are various considerations when it comes […]

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Evergreen Lifestyles on retirement villages

PSG Alpha partners with the Amdec Group to acquire 50% stake in Evergreen Lifestyle

PSG Alpha Investments, a subsidiary of the JSE-listed PSG Group, has acquired a 50% stake in Evergreen Lifestyle, South Africa’s pre-eminent provider of retirement living and a division of the Amdec Group. With investments such as Capitec Bank (retail banking) and Curro Holdings (private education) in its portfolio, this investment marks a significant new focus […]

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Riaan Strydom

Five steps to put spring back into your finances

By Riaan Strydom, Financial Adviser, PSG Wealth, Mill Park, Port Elizabeth September ushers in spring and often represents a time for spring cleaning, in anticipation of a fresh start. Why not assess your financial plan as part of your spring cleaning efforts? Below are five steps to take. (more…)

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Help at financial recession

Options for investors during times like these

By Johann Smith, Head of Sales, PSG Wealth. For the last two years, our market has been flat, delivering barely positive returns. Many investors feel the pressure during times like these, often asking their advisers: “What should I do now?” (more…)

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