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Successful retirement depends on sufficient planning

Planning for a successful and meaningful retirement is more important than ever because people are living longer and will spend many more years after retirement than was previously the case. This is the view of Dr Karel Prinsloo, chairperson of GreyPower, a non-profit organisation that looks after the needs and rights of the 50+ generation. […]

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Living life to the full in retirement

They were born before 1964, but are living full and satisfying lives with interests that include travel, food and fashion. They are money savvy, techno-able, discerning and smart and also health and body conscious – a far cry from the stereotype 40-plussers that popular opinion often considers to be staid and rigid in their ways. […]

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Woman in Mourning at Cemetery in Fall

Widows a latent threat to every adviser’s business

The biggest long-term threat to an adviser’s business may not be a market collapse, stringent regulation or rapidly rising costs. The latent, largely unrecognised danger could turn out to be the future widows of current clients.   The ‘widow alert’ has been sounded by Sunél Veldtman, author and presenter of a popular series of workshops […]

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The Retirement Paradox

By John Williams, The Retirement Planning Bureau Paradoxically our retirement is currently being prepared for us whether we are actively involved with it or not. If we choose not to participate (and many make that choice) then we can look forward to a stressful retirement because there will, in all probability, be less than sufficient […]

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Hands on approach for comfortable retirement

Given the rate at which South Africans switch jobs and hence the number of times they get the opportunity to cash in their pension payouts few South Africans manage to maintain their standard of living into retirement.       Legislation is being proposed to make the preservation of retirement savings compulsory and this is […]

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