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George Herman 1

Hedge funds 101

Increasing use is being made of hedge funds in South Africa, but they remain largely misunderstood by the average investor. This is according to George Herman, Director and Chief Investment Officer, at Citadel. (more…)

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Herman Schoeman

Client centricity at heart of new Guardrisk model

On 1 July 2016, Guardrisk introduces a new client centric operating model, in order to harness its resources more effectively and serve clients better. That’s according to Herman Schoeman, current MD of Guardrisk. (more…)

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Annelie Smith

Risks facing businesses on the rise

Business decision makers’ / executives’ / owners’ main objective is to satisfy clients’ needs and deliver on company promises. In order to do so effectively, a company needs to operate efficiently at all times. However, with companies increasingly facing a growing number of risks, both anticipated and uncontrollable, decision makers are taking strain and businesses […]

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Investment strategy to outsmart volatility

In times of current market volatility investors should, among other risk mitigation strategies, reduce the risk of buying assets at the top and (as a result of emotions mostly) selling at the bottom. One effective approach is investing fixed amounts at regular intervals over a long period, thereby spreading risk over time. This concept is […]

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Wanita Isaacs, head of investor education at Allan Gray

Tips to take stock of your investments

When last did you perform a financial health check by reviewing your investments? It’s important to occasionally take stock to assess whether or not you are on track to reach your goals, says Wanita Isaacs, head of investor education at Allan Gray. (more…)

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David Stratton1

Rand plays havoc with insured values

Businesses that procure equipment or supplies from international markets are at risk of significant losses if they have not reviewed the impact of the falling Rand on the insured value of their property and assets.  In the last year, the cost to replace machinery or equipment procured in the US and Europe has rallied by […]

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FIA dig ad

Why is this insurance giant contemplating an SA exit?

Over the past few days a story has emerged of a giant global insurance brand re-thinking its role in South Africa and Africa. (more…)

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Simon Colman, Head of Commercial Liability Underwriting at SHA Specialist Underwriters

The impact of social media on liability risks

According to a report released by social media agency We Are Social, the number of active social media accounts in SA grew by 20% to 11.8 million in 2015. Simon Colman, Head of Commercial Liability Underwriting at SHA Specialist Underwriters states that the wide adoption and instantaneous nature of social media platforms means that bad […]

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