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SA retirement funds ‘tax effective and well run’

By Kobus Hanekom, head of strategy, governance and compliance at Simeka Consultants and Actuaries (pictured) In contrast to previous years, the 2015 budget speech by Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene did not reveal any fresh retirement reform initiatives or general retirement industry proposals. While there is much room for improvement of our retirement funds, they are […]

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A guide to retirement products – choose the best for you

In the past, planning for the ‘golden years’ was a simple exercise; people who worked for large companies were given a defined benefit pension on retirement, meaning they received a substantial percentage of their working salaries during their retirement years. It was a privilege to belong to these pension funds and it was affordable because […]

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Tips for planning your retirement

With the pace of life growing ever more frenetic, planning has become an essential survival tool for today’s upwardly mobile generation. Yet while many of us tend to plan our lives well in advance, diarising key dates and social occasions with military precision, we tend to overlook one key priority ,financial planning, says Johan Lotz, […]

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Retirement industry ‘disappointed’ at pension reform delay

The announcement by National Treasury end of last week to delay the implementation of proposed retirement reforms has been met with shock and disappointment by key players in the retirement industry. The reforms are widely considered to be crucial in assisting funds to structure good retirement outcomes for their members. Trade union federation Cosatu has, […]

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Can you make your first paycheck last to retirement?

What to do with your first pay-check to keep you financially healthy for life. When you’ve just graduated or got your first job, investing in your future and eventual retirement are probably the last things on your mind. They shouldn’t be, says financial consultancy Efficient Group, sponsor of the upcoming Investment & Retirement Expo, featuring […]

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South Africans divided on compulsory retirement contributions

South Africans who do not currently have a pension or provident fund are divided on whether a Government-sponsored pension fund should be compulsory or not, according to the Old Mutual Corporate Auto Enrolment Research Report released today (2 October 2014). The report surveyed more than 800 workers between the ages of 18 and 64 (either […]

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Prepare for 30 years’ unemployment!

The penny has still not dropped for most middle-aged salary earners that the financial planning challenge they face boils down to timely preparation for 30 years of unemployment. Savers and investors in mid-life only wake up to the ramifications of longevity trends when the issue is packaged as planning for long-term unemployment, says Lara Warburton, […]

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Retirement reform proposals are for the common good of South Africans

By Cobus Strydom, Head of Consulting, Absa Employee Benefits Criticism of government’s retirement reform proposals is largely misguided. Sceptics argue that the proposed changes are simply an attempt by government to dictate how South Africans should manage their hard-earned retirement savings. Deeper analysis reveals that individuals are intentionally job-hopping to gain access to retirement funds […]

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