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Is oil as valuable as SA believes?

The recent gas discovery of approximately one billion barrels of oil equivalent in South African seas by French energy group, Total, has triggered widespread hope of a significant economic boost for the local economy. (more…)

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Bull & Bear Econonomic Trends Competing

Three key themes that will shape 2019

Last year was a challenging year for investors, with US equity and government bond markets both returning less than cash. (more…)

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Investors forecast returns of 9.9% – millennials expect more

A major global study conducted by Schroders has found investors expect their portfolios to return nearly 10% annually over the next five years. (more…)

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AI robotic operations tablet

How companies can prepare for the AI revolution

Artificial intelligence (AI) promises social and economic change on a par with the industrial revolution. However, this profound change will be squeezed into a single generation, rather than the several generations over which society was able to adapt to the impacts of the first industrial revolution. (more…)

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Why 2019 might be a better year for investors

By Peter Harrison, Group Chief Executive, Schroders. 2018 has been a disappointing year for most investors. Almost all markets, both stocks and bonds, have fallen in value this year, under pressure from rising interest rates, political developments such as Brexit, and the trade dispute between the US and China. With hindsight, markets were priced for perfection at […]

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Keith Wade

Global growth to slow in 2019 and dollar looks set to weaken

Schroders forecast global growth to slow in 2019 and the dollar looks set to weaken with US interest rates peaking mid-year. A more stagflationary environment is expected in 2019 with global growth set to slow and inflation to rise.  US interest rates expected to peak at 3% in mid-2019 but other central banks will continue […]

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Schroders expands footprint in South Africa

Schroders today announces it has been granted a Category 1 Financial Services Provider (‘FSP’) licence, which will enable it to offer global investment services directly to South African clients. Schroders has had a presence in South Africa since 2015 and until now has operated in partnership with Argon Asset Management in the institutional market. Schroders […]

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The downside of looking on the bright side of investment

Author: Simon Adler, Value Fund Manager, Schroders So how do you reckon your life is going to turn out over the coming years? Would you predict, for example, you are going to be better off in five years’ time, than you are today? (more…)

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