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What to do when the market drops

As an investor, the first action you should avoid when the market drops is panic. Never panic, this can only lead to bad decision making. (more…)

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The topsy-turvy rand

The rand – which takes its name from the word ‘Witwatersrand’ – has to be one tough cookie.  It was born in 1961, when SA was declared a republic, replacing the SA pound as legal tender.  For a decade, the country had a fixed exchange rate for its currency, before the rand was pegged to […]

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Help at financial recession

Manufacturing forecasts suggest possibility of technical recession

By Jason Muscat, FNB Senior Industry Economist. Manufacturing production dropped precipitously in February, declining -3.6% y/y (the worst print since July 2014 which was strike related) and -0.4% m/m. This was in sharp contrast to January’s positive, albeit meagre growth of 0.4% y/y. (more…)

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Fitch downgrades South Africa

A second major ratings agency has cut the South African government’s sovereign credit rating to junk status.  This follows the axing of finance minister Pravin Gordhan.  (more…)

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Frank Knight

Business failures set to blow as economy tanks

By Frank Knight, chief executive of Debtsource Few people realise that the largest source of business funding in South Africa is provided by private companies themselves. Businesses extend credit to their customers and obtain credit from their suppliers, usually in the form of short-term funding which lasts for 30 to 60 days per transaction. (more…)

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‘We must protect all institutions’ – Mcebisi Jonas

By Helmo Preuss Former Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas told today’s AHI conference on “Creating jobs against all odds” that South Africans needed to protect all institutions as sustainable job creation cannot be dependent on the political incumbent of any particular institution. (more…)

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How #JunkStatus affects your pocket

Being downgraded to junk status casts a shadow over South Africa’s future and the prosperity of its citizens. Chris Gilmour, ‎Investment Analyst at Absa Wealth & Investment Management, unpacks it all. (more…)

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Prof Raymond Parsons

Downgrade ‘bad news for SA economy’

Although not entirely unexpected, the decision by Standard & Poor to cut SA’s investment rating to junk status is bad news for the economy, says Prof Raymond Parsons of the NWU School of Business and Governance. (more…)

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