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Floris Slabbert

Which annuity should you choose?

We already know that how, where and with whom we invest our money is important, especially when investing for retirement. A healthy retirement fund is usually the result of long-term financial discipline and a signature of hard work. It is also crucial to unlocking the glory of our golden years. So how do we go […]

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Re-engineer retirement plans for better outcomes

Most retirement fund members will face serious problems at retirement, unless employers, trustees and their financial advisers focus on key levers to improve the probability that members will reach their desired retirement outcomes. (more…)

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Lesley-Ann Morgan (sml)_7580

As much income as possible at retirement, thank you

Megatrends in default investment strategies: What we can learn about post-retirement investment strategies from the UK and Australia. Last week at private dinner engagements hosted by Sanlam Investments in Johannesburg and Cape Town, Lesley-Ann Morgan, Global Head of Defined Contribution and Retirement Strategies at Schroders UK, shared fascinating insights into post-retirement default strategies and drew […]

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Azola Zuma

De-risking and fiduciary duty

In a landscape of continuous change and disruption, and in an investment environment marked by low growth and geopolitical instability, retirement fund trustees have to find new ways to meet their fiduciary responsibilities, said Azola Zuma, chief executive of Sanlam Investment Management at the recent 2017 Sanlam Investments Institutional Insights conference held in Johannesburg. (more…)

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Sara Herbert

Steps approved to action retirement fund reform

The next significant step in Government’s reformation of the retirement fund industry was taken last month (25 August 2017) and saw the implementation of the final retirement funds default regulations on 1 September 2017. Existing funds, however, have until 1 March 2019 to comply. (more…)

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How South Africans can improve their savings for retirement

Working out how much an average South African needs to retire comfortably is theoretically a simple process: actuaries calculate a figure taking into account the Consumer Price Index (CPI), expected rises in inflation and the cost of living, and the percentage of the salaries that people would need to save in order to offset those […]

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Paul Leonard

Paying the taxman

By Paul Leonard CFP®, Regional Head: E Cape, Citadel. Tax season – the period during which you are required to submit your annual income tax return – started on 1 July and is now in full swing so I thought it would be interesting to look at how long we work for the taxman in […]

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The challenges of retirement planning for couples with a large age difference

Dual income couples with an age gap face even greater challenges.  This is according to Lisa Griffiths, a wealth adviser at BDO Cape Town, who cautions that couples with an age gap have special needs to consider when planning for their retirement. (more…)

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