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Investment Property vs Retirement Annuities

All South Africans worry about retiring at some stage in their lives. Where are the funds going to come from? What is the best option: property or saving money in a retirement fund. (more…)

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Improve retirement outcomes with high impact benefit counselling

Benefit counselling can be instrumental in improving retirement outcomes by creating a better understanding of benefits and driving more informed decision-making. However, Katherine Barker, Head of Momentum FundsAtWork, believes that to achieve this, it’s key to look beyond legal compliance to the new Retirement Funds Default Regulations and focus on delivering benefit counselling that has […]

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Seven financial must-haves for women in retirement

Recent Statistics South Africa figures reveal that, on average, women outlive men by nearly a decade or 9.3 years. And this means that it is absolutely vital for women, if they haven’t already, to take an active role in managing their finances rather than relying on a spouse or partner, because they will need the […]

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Retirement savings

Prevention and rehabilitation are key to value-based elderly care

A new BDO report, ‘New Perspectives on Elderly Care’ brings to light a substantially greater ‘unhealthy life years’ figure than commonly accepted. Among the 10 countries included in BDO’s new report, the years an elderly person could spend in poor health can be as high as 12 (in the case of Germany). The finding goes […]

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Katherine Barker, Head of Momentum FundsAtWork

Knee-jerk decisions undermine employees’ retirement outcomes

Retirement fund members invested in more aggressive portfolios delivering poor returns during certain market cycles may be tempted to make emotional, short-term decisions. Katherine Barker, Head of Momentum FundsAtWork, says financial advisers play a key role in helping members to avoid hasty portfolio changes that reduce the probability of reaching their long-term retirement goals. (more…)

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Jeanette Marais

Criminal self-sabotage: Cashing out your pension fund prematurely

By Jeanette Marais, CEO of Momentum Investments Cashing out your pension fund every time you change jobs may seem like a quick cash-flow fix in the moment, but in actual fact, it’s self-sabotage. Every time you borrow from the future, you jeopardise your financial wellness beyond retirement. One thing many people do not consider is […]

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Value-added benefits and services help employees save more

Turbulent and tough economic conditions mean day-to-day expenses are competing even more aggressively with future savings. However, the right umbrella fund offers value-added benefits and services that help ‘stretch’ employees’ rands and create capacity for them to save more, according to Katherine Barker, Head of Momentum FundsAtWork. (more…)

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Katherine Barker, Head of Momentum FundsAtWork

The right umbrella fund helps employees to make smart decisions

Saving through their employer’s retirement fund is often the only form of savings many South Africans have. With July marking National Savings Month, Katherine Barker, Head of Momentum FundsAtWork, says it’s the perfect time for employers and their financial advisers to ask some hard questions about how their retirement fund can help employees make smart […]

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