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Pax Africana: How (South) Africa can forge its own economic destiny

By Rahima Cassim, fund manager at Ashburton Investments South Africa is a country of tremendous promise. It’s a dynamic land with the potential for integrated prosperity. Sadly, in the recent past, the forces created by this dynamism have failed to live up to the country’s potential. Rather than focusing inwards, many now believe South Africa’s secret to […]

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Passion investing won’t provide adequate portfolio diversification

Africa’s wealthy need to plan ahead to ensure their ‘passion investments’ stay in touch with their overall wealth ambitions and goals, says Philip Faure, Head of Cape Regions at Standard Bank Wealth and Investment. (more…)

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African Risk Capacity and United Nations Partner to Increase Insurance Coverage in Africa

The African Risk Capacity (ARC), an agency of the African Union, and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) today announced a new partnership which will see the two organisations work together to increase insurance coverage against climate risks for African states. (more…)

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RisCura launches fourth Bright Africa PE report

Investment firm RisCura is pleased to announce the release of the 2017 private equity update of its Bright Africa report, which provides a comprehensive view of PE investment across Africa. (more…)

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African real estate is creating new ways to attract capital

This year’s Africa Property Investment (API) Summit & Expo, held at the Sandton Convention Centre on 24 and 25 August 2017, will unpack and examine the latest in developments and potential opportunities for the African real estate sector. (more…)

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Political uncertainty leads to drop in M&A deals in Africa this quarter

Baker McKenzie’s latest quarterly Cross-border M&A Index shows that there were 17 inbound M&A deals in Africa in the second quarter (Q2) of 2017. The 17 inbound deals reflect a 48% drop from 33 deals in Q2 2016. On a quarter-by-quarter basis, inbound deal volume also dropped – by 45% – from 31 deals in […]

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Omega Collocott, Sector Head for Financial Institution Ratings at GCR

Investment to improve lives of women in Africa is critical

In recent years, Africa has been an area of focus for investment in infrastructure development, trade, and financial inclusion (partly through Fintech and the financing of SMEs). However, environmental and ‘gender lens’ investing (which targets women-led businesses and initiatives) are gaining traction, particularly in the development finance community. (more…)

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Derrick Roper, Chief Executive of Novare Equity Partners

African property delivers for private equity investors

Africa’s challenges have tended to over-shadow its potential, says Derrick Roper, Chief Executive of Novare Equity Partners, “and our view is that this stage of the economic cycle presents significant opportunities for future returns.” In sub-Saharan Africa, private equity funds offer investors access to competitively priced assets that have strong growth potential in a region where […]

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