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Roberrts 2

Is cash king?

By Catherine Robberts, investment specialist at Allan Gray  (more…)

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Nishlen Govender, Portfolio Manager, Citadel

Tencent – not just a dime a dozen

By Nishlen Govender, Portfolio Manager, Citadel. Since Naspers, the JSE’s highest market cap stock, announced in March that is was to reduce its holding in Tencent by 2%, the Chinese tech company has received considerable attention. Notably, Tencent shares have lost a third of their value so far this year. (more…)

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Nkareng Mpobane

SA equity market likely to struggle but bargains emerging

The South African overall equity market has shed more than 20% from its highs at the beginning of the year in dollar terms, a similar sized drop to the ‘Nenegate’ slump of 2015.  (more…)

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pps kroeser graph

Could cash really be a better investment than equities?

By David Crosoer, Executive of Research and Investments at PPS Investments. With the benefit of hindsight, investing in SA cash over the past year (or even three) looks like a relatively sensible decision. At least, that’s the retort many investment professionals are currently facing as they sit in front of their clients. (more…)

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Maarten Ackerman

Determining your appetite for risk

As investors continue to be buffeted by uncertainties in the market, the importance of an appropriate, disciplined and strategic investment strategy is increasingly evident. Emotions are among an investor’s biggest enemies, particularly when faced with challenging and unpredictable events. (more…)

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Disciplined investing: five principles to follow

By Jac de Wet, PSG Wealth. Despite our best intentions, many of us focus on the wrong things when it comes to our savings and investments. We tend to focus on the factors we can’t control, typically headline-grabbing things like investment returns and the markets. We barely ever focus on the factors and variables that […]

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European equities seen as a catch-up opportunity

By Dylan Ball, head of European Equity Strategies, Templeton Global Equity Group. In our view, the recent softness in European earnings and macro data reflect a mid-cycle slowdown rather than the end of the economic recovery in Europe. (more…)

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Time vs money graph v1

Time and time again

By Stephen Kelly, Investment Analyst, Maitland A pick-up in equity market volatility, like the one experienced recently, can lead to greater disparity amongst portfolio returns as different investors make different decisions based on the information they see and the emotions they feel. (more…)

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