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No Last Will as the New Year kicks in? No way!

Dying without carefully preparing a Last Will and Testament that specifically outlines who should inherit your belongings, causes unnecessary distress at an already difficult time for your family and friends.  The absence of a Will also means that the law will decide who gets what, and how much. (more…)

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Five things to consider when drafting a will

Having a conversation about finances with our loved ones is often uncomfortable. Add the taboo subject of death and it becomes a topic we would altogether rather avoid. (more…)

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Dawid van den Berg, PwC1

Keeping a will safe in the event of an unforeseen disaster

Keeping your last will in a safe and secured place while ensuring that the executor and beneficiaries have access to the document is a challenge, says Dawid van der Berg, Gauteng Private Company Tax and Legal Services Leader, PwC. (more…)

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Hilary Dudley1

Where there’s a Will……

My late father used to recount the proverb “Where there’s a will…” not with the time-worn ending “there’s a way” but with the more jaded version “there’s a fight”. (more…)

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Sanlam Private Wealth on financial education and inherited money

The lack of financial education could cost a fortune

While it used to take two generations to lose a fortune, now it takes just one. This is according to a PwC 2016 Billionaires Insights report that showed that globally, 70% of inheritances are squandered in under five years.  (more…)

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Testamentary trusts for protection of inheritance

Protect your heir’s interests with a testamentary trust

A paragraph or two in your will is not always enough to ensure your wishes are fulfilled after you’ve died. To protect the inheritance and financial wellbeing of your child or spouse, you might need to consider a testamentary trust.  (more…)

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Estate planning and divorce

David Knott of Private Client Trust, (the fiduciary services division of Private Client Holdings), and a member of the Fiduciary Institute of South Africa, explains why divorce has a significant impact on estate planning (more…)

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estate planning

Understanding your Estate, Estate Duty and taxes

There is sometimes confusion as to what will actually constitute your estate for Estate Duty purposes after your death. How and on what amount will Estate Duty be calculated and how quickly after your death must this tax on capital be settled? David Knott of Private Client Trust, the fiduciary services division of Private Client […]

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