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Estate planning and divorce

David Knott of Private Client Trust, (the fiduciary services division of Private Client Holdings), and a member of the Fiduciary Institute of South Africa, explains why divorce has a significant impact on estate planning (more…)

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estate planning

Understanding your Estate, Estate Duty and taxes

There is sometimes confusion as to what will actually constitute your estate for Estate Duty purposes after your death. How and on what amount will Estate Duty be calculated and how quickly after your death must this tax on capital be settled? David Knott of Private Client Trust, the fiduciary services division of Private Client […]

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The role of an executor

Most people understand the importance of a will, but many people overlook a very important element; the appointment of an executor. An executor is someone who you nominate to carry out the instructions of your will and help to handle your estate. Kobus van Schalkwyk, Head of Legal at Standard Trust Limited says, “Even if […]

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Personal finances and death: Top tips to do before you die

As anyone has had to wrap up an estate will know, the experience often compounds the grief and the loss. It can drag on endlessly particularly if you aren’t clear about the contents of the estate or if no will was left. What should you and your loved ones have in order before death? Judy […]

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Am I obliged to leave my estate to my family?

In many countries around the world there are forced heirship laws in place which have evolved over many years of custom before eventually being legislated into law. South Africa has no similar legislation forcing one to leave all, or portion of your estate to any designated group. In theory therefore, one is free to bequeath […]

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Your final wishes

A Will is your final document and tells others how you wish to dispose of your assets. This week marks National Wills Week in SA, and the spotlight is definitely on having a property constructed and administered Will. Do you have a will, do you know where it is, does the executor know where it […]

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Leaving a lasting legacy: charitable bequests

In addition to leaving their estates to loved ones, many people these days also want to leave a lasting legacy by benefitting a favourite charity. A charitable bequest – which is simply a distribution from your deceased estate to a charitable organisation by a bequest in your will – is an easy and effective way […]

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The importance of nominating and independent executor when drafting your will

Your last will and testament may well be the most important document you ever draft and sign. It sets out how the assets you accumulated during your lifetime should be distributed when you die, giving financial peace of mind to the loved ones you leave behind. Few people realise, however, how important it is to […]

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