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Cyber-crime requires specialised protection against unique risks

The majority of businesses in South Africa are aware of the risks of cyber-crime, but very few of them have adequate – if any – cover to protect their organisations in the event of a cyber-attack. (more…)

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Non-disclosure of information leading cause of non-payment of claims

Most customers do not realise the importance of providing all required information to insurers at the onset of signing up for cover. What they don’t realise is that dishonesty and fraud result in significant costs to the industry which will ultimately be borne by other customers through higher premiums. (more…)

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Close-up car accident

How road users become liable for damages by negligent drivers

Many road users are still under the mistaken impression that a driver who has right of way cannot be held liable for the negligent actions of other drivers. (more…)

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Europ Assistance on potholes and tyre damage

City of Johannesburg lauded for ‘declaring war’ on potholes

Herman Mashaba, mayor of Johannesburg, recently revealed his plans to alleviate the city’s pothole problem by awarding R88 million to address the pothole repair backlog across the city. The Johannesburg Road Agency has also launched a new mobile app called Find & Fix, to allow citizens to quickly and easily report road related defects like […]

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Bertus Visser, PSG Insure

Insurance considerations when travelling with a caravan or trailer

By Bertus Visser, Chief Executive of Distribution, PSG Insure The busy time of Easter and public holidays may be behind us, but some of us will be planning road trips for the rest of the year. If you have travel plans that include a caravan or trailer, there are insurance considerations to keep in mind. (more…)

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Lee Bromfield

Don’t overlook insuring your partner’s parents

Couples in long-term committed relationships often find themselves having to support their spouses financially when one of their in-laws who doesn’t have adequate funeral insurance passes away. (more…)

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Priciest homes in the world are in Monaco

The most expensive home in the world

Monaco residential property is now the most expensive in the world, according to London-based Savills, one of the world’s largest real estate firms. (more…)

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MMI on expansion into Africa

Africa, the search for growth

Over the past 10-15 years, the global economy has experienced a marked slowdown. Global investors, including South African investors, are compelled to seek new territories that not only offer higher growth rates, but also market diversification.  (more…)

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