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Downgrades may lead to desperation and dishonesty

First Standard & Poor, now Fitch have rated the South African economy “junk” with huge ramifications for South African citizens, with the poorest of the poor being the worst affected. (more…)

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Financial inclusion remains ‘a work in progress’

On the surface, South Africa appears to be financially inclusive compared with other emerging markets: 70% of adults, for example, have a transaction account. However, it’s not nearly as inclusive as most mature markets, and serious and stubborn gaps remain, according to a new report by The Boston Consulting Group. (more…)

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Alma Nielsen- National Manager - Claims and Underwriting - LR

Telematics in vehicles – Big Brother isn’t watching you

The European insurance market introduced telematics about ten years ago and South Africa followed suit by introducing it into the local market. The insurance industry then faced the challenge of overcoming the stigma that telematics will become a ‘big brother’ initiative to spy on its clients. This is according to Alma Nielsen, National Manager Claims […]

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Things you may not know about your insurance cover

Whether you’re buckling up for a road trip or getting ready for some quality time at home over the holidays, these facts about your insurance will help ensure you’re properly covered. (more…)

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Soul Abraham1

Millennials set to change the insurance industry

Millennials are the fastest growing generation in South Africa. Numbering 14.5 million, Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) estimates that they are increasing at twice the rate of the overall South African population. Thus, more millennials are entering the job market each year, which make them the insurance industry’s new customers, says Soul Abraham, Head of […]

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MUA Insurance Acceptances discusses FNB bank vault thefts

Tips for driving safer this Easter holiday

  Easter holidays are upon us once again and many South Africans will embark on their different holiday journeys. During this period, the country’s roads will be very busy and this rise in activity unfortunately increases the potential risks of motor accidents. (more…)

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Santam is once again rated SA’s top insurer

South African consumers have spoken – they have for the second year running named short-term insurer Santam the top insurer in the country when it comes to meeting and exceeding their insurance needs, the company says in a statement. (more…)

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Celeste Buitendag1

Data – the most valuable business asset in the technological age

Cybercrime is expected to cost businesses about R78 trillion by 2021, according to statistics quoted by Cisco Connect South Africa. The internet has created the perfect platform for cyber criminals to grow and prosper as they find ways around security systems and many people and businesses alike, are still not optimally protecting their valuable information. […]

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