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What really goes into calculating your insurance premium

When the time comes to renew a client’s insurance policies, insurers are likely to alter monthly premiums based on a range of factors such as changes in the details of the insurance policy, anticipated claims inflation on the assets being insured, and changes in cover sums. (more…)

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Naked changes insurance for good

Insurance start-up Naked launches today with an AI-based car insurance offering. “Rebuilt for social good, the new product puts customers in control of their insurance and saves them money,” the company says in a statement. (more…)

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Fraudulent claims on the rise

Tough times tend to elicit desperate behaviour from people. The slow economic growth, coupled with macroeconomic uncertainty, of the past few years have resulted in a marked increase in the amount of insurance fraud being committed in South Africa. According to the South African Insurance Association, local insurance fraud is in line with international trends […]

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Fulcrum CollectDirect removes the need for IGF cover

The Fulcrum Group has launched a new product called CollectDirect, which deposits premium collections directly into the respective insurer’s bank account. The system reduces risk for insurers and is fully compliant with the proposed amendments to regulations pertaining to the Short-Term Insurance Act that will put a stop to Sections 45 (IGF) guarantees from a […]

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Root launches Insurtech platform

Technology company, Root has announced the launch of Root Insurance, an exciting new platform API that enables software developers to rapidly prototype and launch digital insurance products into the SA market. Root’s API enables software developers, using only code, to easily access insurance licences and the full range of insurance and banking-related services needed to […]

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10 financial considerations when getting divorced

Divorce is an extremely traumatic and disruptive experience. Apart from the legal implications and emotional turmoil, there are also important – but often overlooked – financial aspects that need to be considered, PSG Wealth discusses ten of these below. (more…)

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Bertus Visser

Delayed Day Zero doesn’t mean ditching water saving efforts

  By Bertus Visser, Chief Executive of Distribution, PSG Insure. The crippling drought that has hit the Western Cape, extending to the Eastern and Northern Cape has yet to loosen its grip. While the threat of running out of water isn’t facing the entire country, South Africans have become more conscious of their water usage. […]

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John Manyike

Safeguard your assets during the Easter break

The Easter holidays always offer a great opportunity to travel to another part of the country to reconnect with family and friends or join a community celebration.  Enjoy the bliss of being on the open road and make the most of your free time, but don’t leave town before taking steps to protect yourself and […]

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