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How the market reacted to Ramaphosa’s victory

Unsurprisingly, the reaction in South Africa’s financial markets to the election of Cyril Ramaphosa as the new president of the ANC has been extremely positive, Stanlib said in a note this evening. “The markets anticipated a Ramaphosa victory ahead of the conference, with the rand and bond market strengthening appreciably over the past few days. […]

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Macron to fight yet another battle

European stock markets responded to Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the French presidential elections with only moderate enthusiasm – and no relief rally. Perhaps one can assume that his win had already been factored in.  Or maybe it’s because the markets are waiting for France’s parliamentary elections next month. (more…)

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Carol Axten of WellsFaber discusses financial planning and market volatility

Are you informed enough to navigate the SA market?

The South African market has been on somewhat of an interesting ride over the past few months. Initially markets continued their July buoyancy on the feel good factor of the election results. However, Standard & Poor’s post-election statement that political contests within the ANC and between it and opposition parties will now distract it from […]

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Carl Roothman_Sanlam Investments Chief Executive of Retail Business

April was the month of commodity price recovery – Market Snapshot

Carl Roothman, chief executive of retail business at Sanlam Investments says April was the month of commodity price recovery. (more…)

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Investment strategy to outsmart volatility

In times of current market volatility investors should, among other risk mitigation strategies, reduce the risk of buying assets at the top and (as a result of emotions mostly) selling at the bottom. One effective approach is investing fixed amounts at regular intervals over a long period, thereby spreading risk over time. This concept is […]

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Volatility and drawing a retirement income

It’s at times like these, when financial markets are shifting and investors nervous, that the shrewd investor realises the true value of a professional financial planner who keeps you on course to meet your investment goals. (more…)

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Lesiba Mothata, Chief Economist at Investment Solutions

Why the markets didn’t like the budget

Lesiba Mothata, Chief Economist at Investment Solutions explains why the markets didn’t like the budget. We need to pay attention to market reaction at the moment.  As Mothata, says: “It is not always accurate to look at market reaction to the Budget and infer investor sentiment towards the outcome. The 2016 National Budget is, however, unique […]

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Eric Enslin _FNB Private Wealth

If the Rand remains weak, returns in foreign currency could boost investment portfolios

The gloomy economic start to 2016 has not dispelled the forecast of a tough outlook for South Africa over the course of this year. (more…)

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