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A global markets temperature gauge

We’ve all heard that it is time in the markets that counts, not timing the market. But as we know, market cycles do exist. They are very difficult to predict accurately, but they can and should be assessed in broad terms. (more…)

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Global growth is out of sync – what’s in store for SA

By Reza Hendrickse, Portfolio Manager at PPS Investments. Global economic expansion fell out of sync this year unlike the previous two years as global growth appeared to have plateaued. This is evident in Q3 where the performance has been less than spectacular. (more…)

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 Gielie de Swardt, head of Retail Distribution at Sanlam Investments

US economy sees relief from subdued trade disputes in September

By Gielie de Swardt, head of Retail Distribution at Sanlam Investments. The US economy enjoyed relief from subdued trade disputes, which served to increase investor optimism. While the United States followed through with $200 billion in new tariffs initiated in August, negotiations neutralised after China responded in turn with a 10% tariff on imports. (more…)

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3 important investing principles to remember when markets get scary

South African investors are nervous and for good reason. With a sluggish economy and weak Rand, worries over uncertain land expropriation policies and fears that the often market-leading US stocks are set for a correction, many people are wondering if they should sell up or stop investing. (more…)

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Mark Appleton

10 years on since Lehman – what is the greatest market risk now?

By Mark Appleton, SA Head of Multi Asset and Strategy at Ashburton Investments.  A new paradigm of fear and uncertainty was unleashed on the world with the demise of Lehmans on the 15 September 2008. And while markets have recovered, spectacularly in some cases, a lingering symptom of the crisis could be one of today’s biggest risks […]

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The importance of remaining invested through market cycles

In this age of limitless, instantaneous information, it is increasingly difficult to focus on the things that really matter to long-term investment returns. News channels bombard us with “breaking news” headlines — war with North Korea, peace with North Korea; détente with China, trade war with China; Brexit on, Brexit off; Zuma despair, Ramaphosa euphoria. […]

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Maarten Ackerman

Determining your appetite for risk

As investors continue to be buffeted by uncertainties in the market, the importance of an appropriate, disciplined and strategic investment strategy is increasingly evident. Emotions are among an investor’s biggest enemies, particularly when faced with challenging and unpredictable events. (more…)

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Disciplined investing: five principles to follow

By Jac de Wet, PSG Wealth. Despite our best intentions, many of us focus on the wrong things when it comes to our savings and investments. We tend to focus on the factors we can’t control, typically headline-grabbing things like investment returns and the markets. We barely ever focus on the factors and variables that […]

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