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Monarch & Co on options for individuals should South Africans working overseas have to pay tax locally as well

How countries ensure the success of Citizenship by Investment programmes

CEO of Monarch&Co, James Bowling says there are various measures that countries implement to ensure the future sustainability of their Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programmes. (more…)

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Are financial advisers ready for RDR’s Phase 2?

As the various phases of Retail Distribution Review (RDR) unfold in the years to come – with Phase 1 likely to be effective in January 2018 – it will become increasingly important for financial advisers and intermediaries to plan ahead and start gearing their businesses for a post-RDR scenario. In Phase 2 and 3, advice […]

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Humans vs robots: Who has the edge?

Modern investing merges human insight with robo efficiency, causing some to argue that the role of the human adviser is dwindling. But human judgement still has a vital role to play in active and passive investment strategies.  (more…)

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drawdown & failure rates

What does history teach us about living annuities?

Retirement can be a daunting prospect. Not only is it a time of personal adjustment, but it is also a time to make financial decisions that will impact your lifestyle for the rest of your life. Retired investors commonly face the dilemma of either maintaining a certain lifestyle or adjusting it in order to preserve […]

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Touch base with a financial adviser before the holidays

The December holiday is the perfect time for families to spend some quality time together away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With the ‘silly’ season almost here, many South Africans are already planning their year-end break.   (more…)

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Actuaries develop model to guide transformation

The Transformation Committee of the Actuarial Society of South Africa (ASSA) has deployed a unique demographic projection model to help focus the profession’s transformation initiatives, says its president, Professor Roseanne Murphy Harris. (more…)

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Five rental property buying mistakes to avoid

Praven Subbramoney, CEO of Private Bank Lending at FNB, points out five mistakes to avoid when choosing the right rental property: (more…)

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Reyneke van Wyk, Head of Investment Management, South Africa at Stonehage Fleming.

Why you should invest 100% of your surplus assets offshore

Wealthy South African investors should look to invest 100% of their long-term surplus assets offshore. This is according to Reyneke van Wyk, Head of Investment Management, South Africa at Stonehage Fleming. (more…)

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