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Ending 2017 on a financially high note

Alexander Forbes Financial Planning Consultant, Rita Cool, offers some important financial advice on how to see out 2017. (more…)

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Save Vs Spend Two Way Street Signs Point to Fiscal Responsibility

How to tame temptations

By Jeanette Marais, director of distribution and client service, Allan Gray. A survey conducted by the University of Pennsylvania a few years ago asked respondents to rank their strengths in 24 different skills. Self-control ended up at the very bottom of the list. (more…)

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Lizl Budhram

How to avoid a financial hangover in January

As the so-called silly season approaches, many South Africans throw caution and their budget out the window to enjoy the annual extravagant holiday activities and sprees. Splurging on unnecessary ‘summer essentials’ and gifts or flashy vacations can however lead to a financial hangover in January, warns Lizl Budhram, Head of Advice at Old Mutual Personal […]

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Eunice Sibiya, FNB Consumer Education

Money management styles: How do you handle money?

Will you be left with cash once all the year-end festivities have died down or will you look back with a tinge of regret? Well, it all depends on your relationship with money because people relate differently to money. (more…)

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Eunice Sibiya, Head of Consumer Education at FNB

Financial planning as a single parent

Education, groceries, clothes and entertainment are some of the costs that parents must provide for their children. However, for some single parents the weight of expenses can be immense because they only have one income. (more…)

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Eric Enslin

Tips for managing a new inheritance

Becoming a wealthy individual overnight can be overwhelming and challenging for heirs who are not adequately prepared for the transition. Eric Enslin, CEO of FNB Private Wealth and RMB Private Bank, says a majority of high-net worth individuals and families are advised well in advance to prepare heirs for their inheritance, but circumstances often do not allow everyone […]

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Why it pays to start saving early

By Francis Marais, Senior Research & Investment Analyst at Glacier by Sanlam. Saving is often very much at the back of any young, recently employed person’s mind. Unemployment amongst young people is high. In fact that is an understatement – it is frighteningly high – with official figures for young people sitting at roughly just […]

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Elize Botha

SA’s financial mindset gradually shifting towards saving

While harsh economic realities continue to put downward pressure on South Africans’ ability to conserve money for the future, these same realities do appear to be positively impacting the general attitude held towards saving. This is according to the 2017 Old Mutual Savings and Investment Monitor, which shows an encouraging increase in the percentage of […]

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