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Haul out the checklist – it’s time for a money review

Good intentions can be like rainbows. Clear and bright one minute, faded and forgotten the next. In fact, some surveys suggest that only 20% of people stick to their New Year’s resolutions past February each year. (more…)

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SA’s top three savings priorities

Insights agency, Columinate, recently surveyed a representative sample of 1 000 urban South Africans to gauge their savings habits, including their preferred savings vehicles, and the results inspire optimism. Top three reasons for saving 44% of respondents noted that they’re saving for their children’s education, 43% save for emergencies, and 42% are saving for their retirement. […]

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Giving your child a quality education requires dedicated saving

Given the ever-soaring costs of tertiary education that have recently been widely publicised, parents need to consider this inevitability and should be prepared to budget for the pre-funding of future school education, as this expenditure continues to meaningfully erode the monthly income of an increasing number of South African households. (more…)

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Money lessons we should be teaching our kids

  By Thami Cele, Head of Savings & Investments, Absa. We have unique relationships with each of our family members, friends and colleagues – but we all also have our own special relationship with money. Just take a moment to think of how you interact with yours (on the increasingly rare occasions that you happen […]

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Ester Ochse

Save for your child’s education

Education is costly and requires much thought and consideration. Without a proper savings strategy; you could find yourself running around for that extra cash to pay for your child’s education. (more…)

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Elize Botha

Millennials save, but aren’t investing

Old Mutual survey reveals that while millennials are saving, they’re unlikely to reach long term goals. (more…)

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What do these ‘secret millionaires’ have in common?

A recent New York Times article took many investors by surprise: A frugal legal secretary, who worked at the same firm for 67 years until she retired at the age of 96, was a “closet millionaire” who amassed a fortune of more than US$9 million. Reports claim that Sylvia Bloom joins a host of others who […]

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Expert retirement savings tips for late starters

Medical advancements mean that we can hope to live much longer lives, but this raises the key question: how do you save enough money to ensure that your retirement funds don’t dry up too soon – especially if you’re a late starter? (more…)

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