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Five money mistakes retirees must avoid

Retirement planning is an ongoing process; in fact once retirement starts it becomes all the more important to make wise investment decisions. (more…)

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Save Vs Spend Two Way Street Signs Point to Fiscal Responsibility

Budget month tips to help you seize the reins on your financial future

With February known as budget month in South Africa, the spotlight is once again on the critical importance of a disciplined, yet balanced financial blueprint for our country. But a comprehensive budget is equally important for each individual household to pull the reins in on wasteful spending and begin steering instead towards a brighter financial […]

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Small savings can go a long way this year

You don’t have to put away thousands to see the benefit of savings. In fact, starting small will not only give you the confidence that saving is possible, but will also help with your finances in the long run. (more…)

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Your moneywise calendar for a savvy 2017

The start of the New Year is the perfect time to implement some meaningful resolutions to seize control of your finances. (more…)

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Nico Coetzee

Tips for parents to save for children’s school fees

With the start of 2017 looming, many parents may have started to consider the cost of their children’s school and tuition fees for the next school year. While families have a number of financial commitments to attend to every month, this is the time of year where school funds are often moved to the top […]

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Give the gift that keeps giving

This time of year sees both children and adults preparing their wish-lists for the upcoming festive season. But as many South Africans continue to grapple with rising debt, now is a good time to shift the focus from giving material items to providing future financial wellbeing. (more…)

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How not to overspend this holiday season

The practice of paying employees a week before Christmas Day is helpful – or so we think. However, this means that the gap between paydays will be just over five weeks – with January already being a long month for most. Early pay days also encourage overspending. (more…)

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Planning and saving for your holiday

Having a holiday to look forward to is one of life’s many pleasures. Who doesn’t look forward to their summer holiday – or any holiday, for that matter? Alexander Forbes Financial Planning Consultant Mark Hawes says people often start thinking about the next holiday within the first week of getting back – if not on the […]

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