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Elize Botha

What’s holding millennial’s back from reaching financial freedom

Better educated, tech-savvy and optimistic millennials – South Africans born between 1982 and 2000 – are more likely to seek financial independence and personal fulfillment, compared to older generations. This is according to Elize Botha, Managing Director of Old Mutual Unit Trusts, who revealed the findings of a survey commissioned by the company at an […]

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Channel Head at FNB Financial Advisory, Ester Ochse

Tips for managing an inheritance

An inheritance can be a great financial bonus; but if not managed correctly will also pose a few challenges. Receiving a windfall is great and the urge to just spend it quickly is quite tempting. (more…)

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Starting your investment journey with a debit order

People often think that starting an investment requires a big lump sum payment, when in reality, you can start an investment with a debit order. Bekithemba Mafulela,strategic markets specialist at Allan Gray, explains how a debit order can get you started on your investment journey.  (more…)

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SA Households Richer in 2017: Momentum Unisa Household Net Wealth Index

Despite all the negativities surrounding them, South African households have something to cheer about – collectively they managed to end 2017 in a richer state compared to 2016. This is good news as the financial purpose of households is to build their wealth and in so doing, improve their chances of being Financially Well. (more…)

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How to deal with an overspending spouse

How to deal with an overspending spouse Most married couples take a “divide and conquer” approach to household tasks and chores. One spouse might handle weekly shopping, the other the garbage and recycling, one might drive the kids to school while the other handles pickup and extracurricular activities. (more…)

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Larry Solms of Itransact on the cons of robo-advisers

Investing is the new fountain of youth

Investing when you’re young sounds like an expensive and daunting task, especially when you have just started your first job but the best time to start is with your first pay cheque. (more…)

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How women can keep their financial goals on track

Numerous demands on your time and pockets mean that as a woman it’s easy to stray from the path to achieving your financial goals. Christelle Louw, an Advisory Partner at Citadel, offers some practical tips for avoiding common slip-ups and getting your own finances back on track. (more…)

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Understanding your credit for major life events

The first months of the year bring both the promise of new beginnings and the potential for self-improvement. This time of the year is also the perfect time to take control of your finances by setting tangible and realistic financial goals. (more…)

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