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Why it pays to start saving early

By Francis Marais, Senior Research & Investment Analyst at Glacier by Sanlam. Saving is often very much at the back of any young, recently employed person’s mind. Unemployment amongst young people is high. In fact that is an understatement – it is frighteningly high – with official figures for young people sitting at roughly just […]

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Elize Botha

SA’s financial mindset gradually shifting towards saving

While harsh economic realities continue to put downward pressure on South Africans’ ability to conserve money for the future, these same realities do appear to be positively impacting the general attitude held towards saving. This is according to the 2017 Old Mutual Savings and Investment Monitor, which shows an encouraging increase in the percentage of […]

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Eunice Sibiya_FNB Consumer Education

Five tips to save during tough times

Challenging economic conditions often come with a lot of uncertainties, and consumers will find themselves hard-pressed, but it’s still important to make room for saving and continue practicing prudent financial habits. (more…)

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Signs you are misusing your credit card

If you constantly find yourself impulsively spending on your credit card, yet dreading to check how much you owe on your statement at the end of the month, there is a high likelihood you are misusing your credit card. (more…)

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Channel Head at FNB Financial Advisory, Ester Ochse

5 Habits that stop you from building your savings

The extent to which a person is able to save depends largely on their attitude towards money and not how much they earn. (more…)

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Hand and money staircase isolated on white

Top 5 tips to achieve financial independence

There are no short cuts to attaining financial independence; it requires discipline and limitation of wasteful spending, especially on non-essential items. (more…)

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Five money mistakes retirees must avoid

Retirement planning is an ongoing process; in fact once retirement starts it becomes all the more important to make wise investment decisions. (more…)

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Save Vs Spend Two Way Street Signs Point to Fiscal Responsibility

Budget month tips to help you seize the reins on your financial future

With February known as budget month in South Africa, the spotlight is once again on the critical importance of a disciplined, yet balanced financial blueprint for our country. But a comprehensive budget is equally important for each individual household to pull the reins in on wasteful spending and begin steering instead towards a brighter financial […]

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