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Non-disclosure of information leading cause of non-payment of claims

Most customers do not realise the importance of providing all required information to insurers at the onset of signing up for cover. What they don’t realise is that dishonesty and fraud result in significant costs to the industry which will ultimately be borne by other customers through higher premiums. (more…)

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Lee Bromfield

Don’t overlook insuring your partner’s parents

Couples in long-term committed relationships often find themselves having to support their spouses financially when one of their in-laws who doesn’t have adequate funeral insurance passes away. (more…)

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Bryan McLachlan1

Wearable computers reshape customer experience

Wearable computers are reshaping the customer experience in life insurance, enabling insurers to deliver more personalised products and incentives to consumers while helping their customers to lead healthier lives. That’s according to Bryan McLachlan, Managing Director of ABSA Instant Life, one of the first life insurers in South Africa to leverage wearable technology in its […]

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