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Brad Toerien

South African insurance in need of a reality check

South Africans are dreadfully underinsured. The Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA) has estimated that 14 million families face a combined insurance shortfall of almost R29 trillion should the main breadwinner become unable to generate an income. (more…)

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Changes to insurance laws come into effect

Amendments to insurance legislation aim to give more South Africans the opportunity to cover themselves and their assets and will provide for greater protection for policyholders, including a 48-hour turn-around time for funeral pay-outs. The Insurance Act, commencing on 1st July 2018, was passed by the National Council of Provinces in December. It brings with […]

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Risk cover doesn’t have to break the bank

There’s no disputing that good health and the ability to earn an income are two of your most valuable assets. Without the two, we cannot acquire the tangible assets we hope to, like cars, houses and future wealth. This is why it’s important to financially protect your health and income. The peace of mind that […]

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Regard Budler, Managing Executive at Momentum Corporate Client Solutions

How prepared are South African companies for a cancer tsunami?

A cancer tsunami is approaching South Africa and could have a devastating impact on workplace productivity. However, Regard Budler, Managing Executive: Momentum Corporate Client Solutions says that proactive action by employers and their financial advisers can help to reduce the impact. (more…)

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The importance of salary protection and credit life insurance

Nothing in life is guaranteed; personal circumstances, especially health, can change in seconds. The question that most people should, therefore be asking themselves is: “If I couldn’t work tomorrow, how would I pay my bills?” If  you are the breadwinner and the answer is: “I don’t know”, it’s time to consider looking at insuring yourself […]

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Paul Myeza, COO of OUTsurance Life

How to seriously mess up your funeral insurance

Funeral insurance is one of the simplest forms of insurance on the market in South Africa, yet it is possible to mess it up badly. And at a traumatic time like the death of a loved one, the fewer the surprises the better. Paul Myeza, Chief Operating Officer of OUTsurance Life with 23 years’ experience […]

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Girl kicking a cigarette butt

Smoking not only burns your health, it burns your wealth too

World No Tobacco Day, celebrated on 31 May, is an initiative aimed at creating awareness on the impact tobacco has on cardiovascular health worldwide. Tobacco use is an important risk factor to heart disease, strokes and peripheral vascular disease. Lifestyle factors such as smoking, are an expensive habit on your general health (both as an […]

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Lee Bromfield

FNB Life identifies over R160m in unclaimed policies

In a bid to tackle the ongoing issue concerning unclaimed insurance benefits, FNB Life has embarked on an initiative to proactively identify customers who have not submitted claims in the past. FNB Life has identified over R160 million worth of unclaimed policies in its books and has made a commitment to track down nominated beneficiaries, […]

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