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Money lessons we should be teaching our kids

  By Thami Cele, Head of Savings & Investments, Absa. We have unique relationships with each of our family members, friends and colleagues – but we all also have our own special relationship with money. Just take a moment to think of how you interact with yours (on the increasingly rare occasions that you happen […]

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Rewarding a smart savings mindset

Whether it’s smoking, over-eating or spending money on the wrong things, bad habits are hard to break. However, one of the toughest to break is managing money poorly, including borrowing too much, saving too little or protecting yourself against shocks. (more…)

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Go on, take a financial wellness day off

By Lettie Mzwinila, business development manager at Allan Gray. (more…)

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Ester Ochse

Save for your child’s education

Education is costly and requires much thought and consideration. Without a proper savings strategy; you could find yourself running around for that extra cash to pay for your child’s education. (more…)

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The right umbrella fund helps employees to make smart decisions

Saving through their employer’s retirement fund is often the only form of savings many South Africans have. With July marking National Savings Month, Katherine Barker, Head of Momentum FundsAtWork, says it’s the perfect time for employers and their financial advisers to ask some hard questions about how their retirement fund can help employees make smart […]

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Lynette Nicholson

Living responsibly in the discomfort zone

Young South Africans who have left home to live independently may be financially strapped, but they are resourceful enough to rise above it. This is what key findings from the 2018 Old Mutual Savings & Investment Monitor indicate. An online booster sample focused on the financial behaviours and attitudes of a sub-segment of millennials: working […]

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Willie Fourie

Don’t let a careless estate plan undo a lifetime of saving

Savings Month is here and as we see every July, many South Africans are taking the opportunity to review their savings habits and behaviours. One aspect that’s often overlooked is that your hard-earned savings gains can easily be undone by failing to pay sufficient attention to estate planning. “Even if all your retirement goals fall […]

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Facilitate the right choices today for better retirement outcomes tomorrow

Partnering with the right umbrella fund can reduce the inherent conflict between saving for retirement and spending on more pressing day-to-day expenses. Katherine Barker, Head of Momentum FundsAtWork, says that this conflict, which inevitably impacts negatively on retirement outcomes, can be lessened by proactively encouraging certain pre-retirement behaviour. (more…)

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