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PSG Konsult gains over 80 insurance advisers as it concludes agreement

PSG Konsult, through its subsidiary PSG Wealth Financial Planning Proprietary Limited, the listed independent financial services provider, has concluded an agreement to acquire the remaining short-term face-to-face advisory insurance business from AIFA. (more…)

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Freight looting a growing concern

The escalating voracity of freight looting – the theft of goods off the back of fleet vehicles, sometimes while moving – was highlighted in a recent Carte Blanche insert. This criminal act has massive financial repercussions for the fleet and insurance industries, and ultimately the consumer, and is expected to intensify in the run-up to […]

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Bertus Visser

Ensuring a favourable festive season

By Bertus Visser, Chief Executive of Distribution, PSG Insure. The end of the year sees many of us venturing off on holiday – be it locally or abroad. Perhaps you are even renting out your home – or part of it – on popular vacation sites like Airbnb. There are various considerations when it comes […]

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Extreme weather events: An insurer’s perspective

Santam, South Africa’s largest general insurer has been inundated with media enquiries following this week’s catastrophic weather conditions in large parts of the country, including Gauteng, Kwazulu-Natal and Mpumalanga. (more…)

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AON 2016 Annual Global Climate and Catastrophe Report

Severe weather conditions become the new normal

Many areas in Gauteng and Kwazulu-Natal came to a standstill yesterday and today as devastating hailstorms, torrential rain and strong winds tore off roofs, flooded roads, smashed windows and cars, uprooted trees and walls, and tragically claimed three lives. The increased frequency of extreme weather events over the past couple of years has been marked […]

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MUA Insurance Acceptances discusses FNB bank vault thefts

Wealthy South Africans at risk of underinsurance

While the concept of underinsurance is usually associated with low income earners, there are an increasing number of risks faced by wealthier South Africans that they are failing to insure for, resulting in potential losses running into hundreds of thousands of rand.  That is the view of Dawie Loots, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MUA […]

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Fires cost SA businesses millions annually

South Africa loses millions of rand to fire each year. The past fire season has seen thousands of people displaced from their homes as a result of fires in the Knysna area while acres of vineyards were destroyed in the Western Cape in January, decimating revenues within the wine industry. (more…)

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Christelle Colman

Financial losses can hit SA holiday makers

The longer school holiday which takes place over July typically sees many families travel either locally or internationally. There are however a multitude of things that can go wrong while families are away and can cost a small fortune, for example lost luggage, stolen possessions, medical emergencies as well as disasters at home, such as […]

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