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New bank to be launched in SA

Bank Zero has been granted a provisional licence after a rigorous in-depth evaluation process by the South African Reserve Bank. The 45% black-owned bank is set to launch in the fourth quarter of 2018. (more…)

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FNB on online banking misconceptions

Overcoming reluctance to digital banking channels

Despite a 33% increase in the number of customers using the FNB Banking App, who earn less than R300 000 per annum, some customers in this segment are still reluctant to take advantage of digital banking channels due to certain barriers and misconceptions. (more…)

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Pierre Swart1

Impact of surprise interest rate cut

In a move that surprised many economists, the South African Reserve Bank announced a cut in the repo rate from 7% to 6.75% last week. (more…)

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Growing pile of money

10 tips to save on banking charges

If you can’t quite put your finger on bank charges when checking your statement every month, it is possible that you either don’t have the best banking account that suits your transacting needs or may have adopted behaviour that is costing you a bit more. (more…)

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Is it still worth investing in bank shares?

Bank shares rose sharply toward the end of 2016, leaving many investors questioning whether the rally would continue. The global banking sector returned 13.7% in 2016 with dividends included, according to MSCI (Morgan Stanley Capital International) data. In comparison, the MSCI World index returned a more modest 8.2%. (more…)

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Piggy Bank Savings

5 things to consider before switching banks

Before switching banks, take a step back and conduct an assessment of your finances to determine if a particular type of account will match your financial goals. (more…)

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FNB promotes access to banking in rural South Africa

FNB has become the first bank in South Africa to introduce a non-cash dispensing ATM with deposit capability. These ATMs are a smaller version of the standard ATM which FNB introduced in 2013 as a way of bringing banking services directly into communities. (more…)

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The importance of keeping a clean credit record

Most people know that the way they manage their credit is tracked, but don’t realise the role a credit record will play in their future financial wellbeing. “A credit record is the documentation detailing payment history of current and previous debt,” says Nico van Staden, Head of Credit at FNB Credit Card. (more…)

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