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Busy year for Banking Ombudsman

The Ombudsman for Banking Services (OBS) has today released its Annual Report on operations for 2017. Key highlights for the year are that 7056 formal cases that were opened, showed an unprecedented 35% increase from the previous year. “This is an indication of a growing need for the ombudsman’s services in the sector, and  a […]

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Questions to ask about an overdraft facility

If you are considering applying for an overdraft, but aren’t really sure how it works, there are important questions you should ask your bank, to ensure you are making the right decision. Ryan Prozesky, FNB Consumer Core Banking CEO, says an overdraft is an important credit facility to help you manage your personal cash flow […]

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How to optimise benefits from your rewards programme

By Sonja Fourie, Head of Absa Rewards and VAS. We love our loyalty programmes in South Africa. Seventy-nine percent of us use loyalty programmes – and have even upped our usage over the past year. Nearly two-thirds of us belong to between two and five programmes, making us the most loyalty-programme-mad nation in the world […]

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fnb atm

FNB launches South Africa’s first biometric mini-ATM

FNB has become the first bank in South Africa to introduce a mini-ATM that uses biometrics as a means of validation for consumers. (more…)

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Sasfin launches B\\YOND – the digital banking future for business

Sasfin recently launched B\\YOND, a digital banking platform built to enable entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Having financed and supported small business for 50 years, Sasfin understands the pain-points and pressures that small business faces in South Africa. Failed small businesses so often tend to either neglect or become completely consumed by their finances and […]

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Growing pile of money

Banking customers’ expectations higher than ever before – SAcsi 2017 Survey

The latest South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi) for Banking, conducted by Consulta in Q4 2017, reveals that Capitec continues to lead with the most satisfied customers. (more…)

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How to get on top of dubious debit orders

As March is Consumer Awareness Month it’s a great time to turn information into knowledge. Start by checking your bank statement and make sure that you understand all the transactions. Make sure you authorised all the debit transactions that reflect as minus numbers. (more…)

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FirstRand: Interim dividend per ordinary share up 9%

FirstRand Limited (FirstRand) today reported results for the six months to December 2017. Key financial highlights: Normalised earnings grew 7% Dividend per ordinary share up 9% Normalised return on equity (ROE) of 5% Normalised net asset per share (NAV) up 9% (more…)

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