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Most SMEs have no succession plan in case of business partner’s sudden death

Business owners go to great lengths to protect their businesses against theft and other immediate, tangible risks, but risks related to the sudden death, disability or illness of a business partner are often overlooked. (more…)

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2018 1Life Life Changer Award – Moss Lehlokoa honoured

The DStv Mzansi Viewers’ Choice Awards, hosted this past weekend, saw leading financial services provider 1Life, award Moss Lehlokoa with the 1Life Life Changer Award. The award, now in its second consecutive year, aims to recognise an individual who is making a real difference within their community, by selflessly committing themselves to giving back. “The […]

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Ombud urges full disclosure when buying insurance

An insurance claim may be rejected even if the non-disclosed information has no bearing on the occurrence that initiated the claim. The Ombudsman for Long-Term Insurance, Judge Ron McLaren, says there is a common misconception that the non-disclosure of material information by an applicant for life insurance has to be linked to the claim event […]

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FSCA issues statement on Momentum/Ganas case

The FSCA says it has noted the recent decision by Momentum to make a payment to the Ganas family in relation to a 2017 life policy claim, after its initial decision was not to pay due to non-disclosure by the deceased of a medical condition. (more…)

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Life Insurance

Momentum creates a solution for the victims of violent crime

Momentum been under fire for the last few days after it refused to pay a policy worth R2.4 million to the family of Nathan Ganas who was shot and killed during a hijacking in his driveway last year. Momentum claimed Ganas failed to declare that he had been diagnosed with high blood sugar levels. This led […]

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Felix Kagura

Consider your life insurance options when you are young

Felix Kagura, Head of Long Term Insurance Propositions at Standard Bank, believes that life insurance options should be considered by the young. (more…)

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Lee Bromfield, CEO of FNB Life

The importance of releasing a life policy cession

Consumers who have ceded their life policies as security over debt with a financial institution should not overlook the importance of releasing the cession when the debt has been fully settled.  (more…)

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Brad Toerien, CEO, FMI

Critical illness cover inspired by cancer survivors addresses real needs

In South Africa, 100 000 people receive a cancer diagnosis each year, with one in nine women being diagnosed in their lifetime1 and breast cancer being the leading cancer diagnosed among women2. It’s unlikely that there’s a single South African untouched by cancer, and it’s common knowledge that the impact of a critical illness is much more […]

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