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Tencent is fundamentally a good long term buy: Portfolio Manager

By Francois Strydom, Momentum Securities Portfolio Manager. Despite the short term technical considerations, Tencent is fundamentally a good long term buy, and not all games. (more…)

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Are fees taking the bonus out of SA smooth bonus funds?

Given the volatile nature of local markets in recent years, smooth bonus funds have increased in popularity among South Africans seeking a more stable ride to retirement. This most likely shows that South Africans, especially those who are most vulnerable, are opting for all the protection from market volatility that they can get. (more…)

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momentum rebrand 1

Gaining Momentum through Energised New Campaign

Momentum has unveiled its new brand campaign, designed to engage with their market through a message which resonates with individuals and financial advisers alike. (more…)

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George Kolbe

Give children the best possible critical illness cover

By George Kolbe, Head of Marketing for Life Insurance, Momentum. When children are in desperate need of help because of a critical illness, parents will do everything in their power to source the best possible care for their children and cancer is no exception. Although cancer in children and teenagers are rare, statistics indicate that […]

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Rainy day expenses a major distractor for women in the workplace

Women are more worried about not having enough money when emergencies hit compared to their male counterparts – and this has a major impact on their productivity at work. “From our research, women are also more willing to save for emergencies than men” says Rigitte van Zyl, Head of Client Value Propositions at Momentum Corporate. […]

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Regard Budler, Head: Product Solutions, Momentum Corporate

Setting the bar for innovation in customer engagement

On Saturday, 18 August, Momentum Corporate’s Smart Underwriting solution won the silver award at the Loeries. The award is in the Service Design category which was introduced in 2015 to recognise brands that engage their customers in an innovative way. (more…)

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Elaine Wright, Wellness Strategist at Momentum Corporate

What’s distracting women in the workplace?

As women’s month draws to a close, there is a heightened awareness of women’s invaluable contribution to the workplace and economy. Elaine Wright, Wellness Strategist at Momentum Corporate, says women can add even greater value if they are empowered to overcome the distractors that often undermine their productivity. (more…)

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Katherine Barker, Head of Momentum FundsAtWork

Women need to plan better for their financial future

Busy South African women juggling a myriad of responsibilities often fail to prioritise planning for their financial future. Katherine Barker, Head of Momentum FundsAtWork, says women face different financial risks to men and need to take ownership of their financial future. The right umbrella fund offers female members the flexibility they need to address their […]

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