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Ombud urges full disclosure when buying insurance

An insurance claim may be rejected even if the non-disclosed information has no bearing on the occurrence that initiated the claim. The Ombudsman for Long-Term Insurance, Judge Ron McLaren, says there is a common misconception that the non-disclosure of material information by an applicant for life insurance has to be linked to the claim event […]

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FSCA issues statement on Momentum/Ganas case

The FSCA says it has noted the recent decision by Momentum to make a payment to the Ganas family in relation to a 2017 life policy claim, after its initial decision was not to pay due to non-disclosure by the deceased of a medical condition. (more…)

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Life Insurance

Momentum creates a solution for the victims of violent crime

Momentum been under fire for the last few days after it refused to pay a policy worth R2.4 million to the family of Nathan Ganas who was shot and killed during a hijacking in his driveway last year. Momentum claimed Ganas failed to declare that he had been diagnosed with high blood sugar levels. This led […]

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Opportunities for financial advisers in a turbulent economy

South Africans continue to feel the pinch due to the rising cost of living, but this does not mean that there aren’t opportunities for independent financial advisers (IFAs) to grow their businesses and flourish in a turbulent economy. That’s the word from Etienne Gouws, CEO of Momentum Intermediary Solutions. (more…)

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Tencent is fundamentally a good long term buy: Portfolio Manager

By Francois Strydom, Momentum Securities Portfolio Manager. Despite the short term technical considerations, Tencent is fundamentally a good long term buy, and not all games. (more…)

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Are fees taking the bonus out of SA smooth bonus funds?

Given the volatile nature of local markets in recent years, smooth bonus funds have increased in popularity among South Africans seeking a more stable ride to retirement. This most likely shows that South Africans, especially those who are most vulnerable, are opting for all the protection from market volatility that they can get. (more…)

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momentum rebrand 1

Gaining Momentum through Energised New Campaign

Momentum has unveiled its new brand campaign, designed to engage with their market through a message which resonates with individuals and financial advisers alike. (more…)

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George Kolbe

Give children the best possible critical illness cover

By George Kolbe, Head of Marketing for Life Insurance, Momentum. When children are in desperate need of help because of a critical illness, parents will do everything in their power to source the best possible care for their children and cancer is no exception. Although cancer in children and teenagers are rare, statistics indicate that […]

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